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Here  is Julia Moore's review of Lover  Revealed by J R Ward, the fourth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Butch and Marissa's story.

“Lover Revealed is about Brian aka ‘Butch' O'Neal and Marissa. It starts with Butch being holed up at Zero Sum wasting it away while waiting for the brothers to join him but feeling completely useless. On his way home he intercepts a lesser trying to abduct some civilian vampires and gets abducted himself instead. He's questioned ruthlessly and when they realize that he's not going to give any info up on the Brothers, the Omega makes a visit. The Omega chops off a bit of his finger and sticks it in Butch thinking that the Brothers will take Butch home then the Omega and all the other Lessers will be able to go and wipe out all the Brother's. But the Scribe Virgin has other plans.

V takes Butch to Haver's and calls Marissa to sit with him knowing that she is all that will stop Butch from leaving unto the Fade. When Butch wakes he finds out that he is now a homing beacon for the Brother's to find Lessers. And even more, when he's fighting them, he has instincts that fight to consume them. Even more, now strange things are happening with his body when he's around Marissa. Scared, he wants to leave but V convinces him to try to stay. He end's up doing a regression to see if he's got any vampire blood in him, when that come's back that he's part of Wrath's blood like, the king agrees to kick start him into a vampire.

After that whole ordeal is over, he still has to worry about the piece of the Omega that was left to rot in him.

V, who has been going looney tunes because of his inability to sleep or see the future, tries to off himself in front of Butch. While the two are duking it out the Scribe Virgin arrives to let them in on a prophesy that has now been fulfilled. Butch is the Destroyher.

Big news and big drama because Marissa throws a hissy and storms away. Though they are bonded and she loves him dearly, she's not sure she's strong enough to wait for him to come home dead or alive.

Meanwhile, Vishous has been lying to everyone to pass off that his nightmares, inability to see the future and his insomnia has passed. That he's back to his normal genius and cold self. In reality his time is coming soon and he feels it deep down.

I think that Butch and Marissa's book is the most graphic of the BDB books thus far. It certainly had my eye's popping out of my skull. And it gives you a very insightful ending.”

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Julia's rating

5 fangs

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