Rising Shadows by Bridget Blackwood

rising shadows

Rising Shadows, World in Shadows Book One by Bridget Blackwood

Rachel Ryan wakes up with no knowledge of where she is or how she got there. Thrown into a world she thought only existed in myths, she finds more questions than answers.

Shape shifters, faeries, and vampires hide in plain sight among humans. There’s a war quietly brewing in the shadows. Rachel stands between mankind and those creatures that live in the darkness.

Enhanced with power she doesn’t understand, she’ll tip the scales, but who is the real enemy?

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About the Author:

bbBridget Blackwood is a hopeless romantic and a fan of happily ever after. She grew up in East Texas where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Together they moved to Southern Illinois, it's been home for over a decade now. Bridget began telling stories at an early age, she writes in self-defense because the characters in her head are loud and bossy. A social butterfly by nature, Bridget loves to talk and laugh. When she isn't writing she enjoys watching horror movies, playing video games, and not cooking.

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Quotes from the Book:

Quote 1

“I whooped the personal guards of the Vampire big kahuna. Whoops. In my defense, it’s not like they wore nametags.” – Rachel Ryan

Quote 2

“Is your plan to make me stupid with your sweet hands so I’ll agree to anything? Because it’s working.”    – Sebastien “Bastien” Bonvillian


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