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Robin Rice is a shaman, an internationally published author, an online teacher, and a social thought leader. Her writing has been translated into three languages and distributed in nine countries.

Robin has traveled the world to study shamans from a wide variety of traditions and these themes are the background for all of her work. Blending the past and the future to meet the needs of the now, Robin created Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. is her company, and it creates a no-cost social change project for the betterment of the world each year.

In addition to teaching contemporary shamanism, Robin offers deeply personal Executive Change Consulting to artists, doctors, entertainers and other leaders whose work touches the lives of others.

Robin lives with her passionately true love, Brian, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her two grown children are still her greatest pride and joy.

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Kudos For Robin's Writing:

“I… L-O-V-E… LOVE Robin's books!!! I read ‘A Hundred Ways to Sunday' because it was gifted to me. It sat on a shelf for a while (until I was really ready for it, I suppose). When I finally picked it up…I couldn't put it down!! I immediately ordered Venus for a Day & Do-Overs after and I devoured them as well. The stories are all so wonderful and really give the reader the ability to be in them with the character! I've shared them with many people and they are some of my favorite fiction books EVER! I usually don't read fiction but these novels inspired me & taught me new things about myself. Truly awesome writing worth sharing over & over & over again!” -Leslie Stein, Lead Like A Girl

“Each of Robin's books have appeared in my life just as I have needed them, helping guide me through the toughest times. Call them serendipity or more accurately call them ‘gifts.' Her books speak to you in an honest, true, and heartfelt way – like your oldest, dearest, closest, wisest, tell-it-like it-is friend who, while never pretending to be perfect herself, touches your truth, heart, and soul in a gentle, kind, healing, and nurturing way. Her books become friends to the reader.” -Carolyn Bentley

“I translated one of Robin's books into German some years ago. Amazing lessons and compelling reading! Reading it at least twice is a must so as not to miss the many small details that may well escape your attention the first time round.” -Ulrike Kraemer

“Must reads! All of them. Once you begin though, be prepared to clear your schedule until you reach the final sentence… and then find yourself wanting to read EVERYTHING she writes! Each word is precise and the stories are all about living this life to its fullest while following your heart… What's so beautiful about it is that ‘you' the reader are so immersed in the lives of the characters their lessons become yours.” -Wendy Elwell

Venus For A Day


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Internationally published contemporary shaman Robin Rice writes a tale to touch every woman who has ever felt not good enough, not pretty enough, not tall and thin enough, not… ENOUGH.

What do you do when your best is never good enough? 

When the man you adore doesn't know you exist? 

When the goddess Venus promises to teach you everything she knows about life and love with only one small catch–one of you will be dead by morning? 

After the death of her beloved best friend and 18 months of trying to “find herself,” Sydney goes to bed with a desperate plea to any god or goddess listening to help her wake up to a whole new kind of day.

Big. Mistake

In this fascinating romp between the mundane world and the realms of the gods, what begins as a fun little bargain to nab a hot guy soon becomes a race to the death with a winner-takes-all finish line. Who will walk into her own version of happily ever after… a has-been Goddess or an ordinary woman who dares rise to the challenge of redefining beauty on her own terms?

If you loved Paulo Coehlo's The Alchemist, Lyn Andrews Medicine Woman, Carlos Castanada's The Teachings Of Don Juan, Richard Bach's Illusions, and Richard Matheson's Somewhere in Time, you'll be mesmerized by Robin Rice's Venus For A Day. 

Praise From Readers

Brilliant…funny, engaging, relevant, enriching, and deeply entertaining. An inspired example of transformative storytelling…a ‘must read’”   –Denise M. Baddour, Producer, Discovery Channel

“An extraordinary book. Its wisdom and truth resonate at every level… I could not put it down, and wanted more and more!” –Susan Collin Marks, Author, Running With The Wind

“Staggeringly powerful… this mythical journey seeps in, performing it's much needed healing.” –Dr. Eve Bruce, Plastic Surgeon & Author, Shaman, MD

Powerful! An intense, impacting and mythic journey …It felt like Venus began accompanying me day-to-day and influencing my life.” –Dr. Sandra Phocas, Psychiatrist & Contemporary Shaman

“Wow—just wow! I laughed, cried, got angry, cheered, put it down, then came back knowing that shifts were taking place deep within me. A very timely and needful clarion call to the heart…”–Libby Magnelo

Fun, funny, and transformational,a book for every woman who has ever looked in the mirror and wondered ‘Am I loveable?’ Classical mythology with a postmodern twist. A thoroughly captivating and adventurous tale of a woman’s search for love and meaning.” –Susan Dobra,Editor,Natural Beauty and Health Magazine

“Well-written and engaging…Venus poses a challenge to us all to put ‘beauty' in perspective….” –Donna Hicks, Harvard University

Enchanting, illuminating, and tragically real.” -Dr. Stanford Siver

“Reading Venus For A Day was like having a huge weight was finally lifted from my shoulders. I got the giddy tingles that move down your spin and flutter in your stomach when you truly connect. I feel more connected to myself then I think I ever have. It has opened my eyes.” –Rebecca Schmaus

This is important shi*&t that every woman in the world, especially America, should hear. I'm at a women's college: they'll love it.”–Amanda Schreiber

“A page turning and humorous romp that is also a powerful excavation of what it means to be a woman in a mans world. How beautiful that the once logical Sydney risks it all to follow the only path she can—the path of her heart.” –Lori Ann Lothian, Editor, Looking Deeper Magazine

“I would have read in one sitting if I could have!! I went back to reading every chance I got until it was finished.”–Cissy Kolbe

I’m wowed!…The pace is fast as the plot twists and turns to a surprising and satisfying finish… I loved it.” -Keith Powell

A terrific work from a masterful storyteller. Rice entertains while compelling readers, deserving attention from readers of all ages and genders.” –Roger Moore

A Hundred Ways To Sunday

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                    THAT'S ALL SHE HAD.

                          THAT'S ALL SHE'D GIVE.

Internationally published contemporary shaman Robin Rice earns enthusiastic five-stars for this spell binding tale that will keep you up to all hours, then send you off dreaming an entirely new kind of dream!

She was a research scientist desperate to believe in something. 

He was trapped in time, waiting for her to remember. 

With a medicine man, a little boy, and her own past lives to guide her, it just might be possible to find each other again… 

Blending a variety of mythological and spiritual traditions, A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a quest through the far reaches of time It explores the questions all women ask about life, love, and finding meaning in a world gone mad.

From the edges of Canyon de Chelly on the Navaho reservation, through expertly woven shamanic time travels, to a place she can finally call home, Mary Margret's transformation soon becomes your own.

A love story that tests the very nature of our heart and soul, A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a book that readers return to again and again, finding inspiration and insights on every page. Brilliantly plotted with characters that leap off the page, this is a tale you will remember for the rest of your life. Expect to laugh out loud, cry heartfelt tears, sigh with deep soul satisfaction… and want to start re-reading the minute you finish.

Praise From Readers

“I couldn't put this book down! When I finished reading, I was wishing for more…days later, I am still thinking about it….”
 — Suzanne Brinks

“…Serves up a mind-blowing epiphany…a deep and magical quest, Rice's masterpieceprovokes an inward realization of that which is godlike within us all.”
 –Joe Jackson

“… one of my all time favorite books. I have to keep buying it because I share it will my friends and I don't get it back. -Jane Lawler Dye

The most intriguing book I've had the pleasure of reading, with lessons worth savoring. I could hear the words, see the sights, and smell the fragrances… like no other book I have ever read. Truly incredible.” -Normie Kane

“Brilliant! inspiring hope, love and courage for anyone who wants to personally grow and make a difference in the world.” -Rose Khalsa

Really, really wonderful! …offers hope that my struggles really do have a purpose. -Jean Perkins

I couldn't put it down. There were parts that were so familiar, and others that felt like I was in a class, learning from a great teacher. I am still reeling! -Pam Fields

“A truly brilliant book. It set me dreaming again.” –Tamela Tilly

“I Love it! A Hundred Ways helped me continue my journey out of the darkness. One of my favorite books…I have shared it with many to help them as well.–Mary Costanza

I couldn't stop reading – significantly life changing-Tanya Dixon

“WOW!!!!! I stayed up into the wee hours My biggest problem is that I read it so quickly thatnow I want
 to reread it“
 –Vicki Fox

A thousand thanks…It has been a while since such feelings were evoked in me. Your book has reawakened my eagerness for the search once more…” -Lourdes Gomez

“I was so totally immersed I felt it was my journey, my awakening and realization... my most treasured book! -Manni Kang


Do-Overs: An Irish Story


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Internationally published contemporary shaman Robin Rice offers this spellbinding tale to make anyone wonder… just who is running my life? Bringing back the gods and goddesses of the ancient Tuatha De Danann, Do-Overs is a love story 5,000 years in the making. Will criminal law attorney Giona Lloyd forfeit passing her test so that her true love can pass his? Or will it be pediatric cancer specialist Angus Lukeman–Dr. Luke to his young patients–who makes this grandest of all gestures?

A story that tests the heart and soul, Do:Overs will take you on a journey you will never forget…

Praise From Readers

“Oh My Goddess! What an amazing story. I picked it up to read “a little more” at 8:45 and all of a sudden–it seemed to be maybe 45 minutes tops–I was done and it was one in the morning. I was so jazzed and wide-awake, but I also felt well rested. Very cool experience.” -Terry Osborn

I read Do-Overs in one sitting and never got out of my pj's. Robin Rice’s deepest, most juicy and realized novel yet.” – Lori Lothian

“I loved Do-Overs… it was real in a way that I can't prove—even to myself.” – Lila Moonshadow

WOW WOW WOW! I LOVED it… many tears and smiles. YES YES YES YES YES!” – Stanford Siver

“I loved it. What a great storyteller. It was a page-turner for me… (I was) in tears on a number of occasions!” – Keith Powell

“Rich and visually evocative…it reads like a movie. Like potato chips, once I started, I couldn't read anything else until I was finished. Robin's best book yet.” – Terry Turner

Do-Overs gave me hope when I needed it… a fast and fascinating read that resonates on a deeply personal level. I have shared all of Robin’s books and recommended them often.”  – Loretta Hocker

“I connected with each of the characters in a way that surprised me. I was thoroughly invested in the books outcome as a result I delighted with each page I turned, with the question of what was next. When it came to an end, I was satisfied with the roller coaster of emotions it elicited.”- Regina Ni Dinn

“Do-Overs transported me to another world, one filled with heartache, passion, and magic. The richness of the story enveloped my entire soul. I didn't want it to end!
” – Sarah Hutchison Nicotra

A tantalizing romance set in a backdrop of Irish myth, you can almost breath the essence of the characters and become one with them on their journey…”
 – Dolores Andrew-Gavin

“So you pick up a book expecting to be entertained, right? Well this book blew my socks off… and kept blowing my socks off even ¾ of the way into it.  Then 6 months later as I was still dreaming about Do-Overs I realized this book could be about me!  …Now where is that good lookin’ Irish man on MY flight to Ireland?” – Teri Connolly

“Do-Overs meets you where you are, at any moment, like a map hidden in plain sight.  I couldn't put it down, and still can't as every read opens more doors! “Loved it and still do, the love and the passion, waking up in dreams, so many magical elements that come together – an unforgettable story that tells more with every read.” – Jennifer Poniatowski

Mayden Chronicles


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Video Trailer


This blog-turned-novel is a combination of a book written first draft and posted in real time, along with videos on how to write a novel. You can find a video trailer and the full first draft online.

Meet The Characters: 

Mayden—She’s 16, daughter of a very rich father in his late 50′s and a bombshell, 32-year-old stepmother (her third). She doesn’t know exactly who she is, and she’d rather be rejected for reasons she understands than reasons she doesn’t. She’s super smart, but not bookish; pretty but not typically beautiful; anti-social but very socially aware. She’s dying for something interesting to happen. She will soon meet both Josh and Michael, and both will fall for her. But who will she fall for? Scottie is her beloved cat. But what animal spirit is she truly related to?

Anna—She’s 88, and though they look nothing alike, considers herself the “twin” of Bea. She’s been in a nursing home an endless 2 years because her daughter, Helene, put her there. The official diagnosis is that she has Alzheimer’s. In reality, prescription drugs are keeping her insane. When she goes out into the woods, she comes alive for brief moments. Deep inside, she’s related to the spirit of the mountain lion.

Josh—He’s 17, the grandson of Helene and great grandson of Anna.  He’s rash, handsome, angry, and as yet unable to control his shapeshifting (so he must stay with Bea, away from the world, until he learns). Mayden is the first girl he’s seen in years, and it doesn’t take him long to know what he wants. His spirit family is that of the leopard.

Michael—He’s 17, the great-grandson of Bea. His mother died at childbirth, and until recently, he’s been raised in European boarding schools. Now living with his father, he is eager to get to know his maternal great-grandmother, especially if she can explain the magical events that keep happening to him.  His old girlfriend in Italy keeps texting him, but Mayden is far more interesting. Who can say what animal spirit family he will be related to, once he reaches the age that Bea will allow him to learn the magical ways in which a person can find out?

Rod—one of Mayden’s two closest friends from childhood…but does he want more than friendship now that she’s so much more grown up?

Helene—She’s 64, the wealthy daughter of Anna and the niece of Bea. She’s Mayden’s father’s “silent” business partner. She knows all about her mother’s magical world, and will do anything to keep her from it. Her grandson, Josh, is already lost to the magic, and for this she will never forgive Anna or Bea. She knows the animal spirit family she’s related to, but rejects it completely and will never tell a soul.

Bea—She’s 88, born on the same day of the same year as Anna. They have different mothers (Bea’s mother part Italian, part Indian, while Anna’s mother was from the Old Wealth East Cost of the United States), but they share the same father. Long ago, there were rumors a third sister was born that same day. Bea’s grandaughter died giving birth to her great-grandson Michael. Bea promised her that Michael would not learn to “shapeshift” into his spirit animal until he was old enough to decide for himself about living a magical life. Bea lives on land owned by the government with Josh, and her magic helps them hide who they really are. Her spirit family is the black panther.

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