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Win A $15 Amazon Gift Card From USA Today Bestselling Author Saskia Walker!

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(Witches of Raven's Landing Book 1)
by USA Today Bestselling Author
Saskia Walker

Enter a world of magic, desire, and danger. Introducing Raven’s Landing, a sleepy Cornish harbour town, a secret sanctuary where witches have lived in harmony for centuries—until now.


Under the watchful eye of the local witches, Sunny Chambers is about to discover her own magic.

Sunny Chambers loves the thatched cottage she inherited from her Grandma on the rugged Cornish coast. The only thing that would make it even better is if the man of her dreams was real. Sunny’s about to discover she has the magical power to travel through time and actually meet the mystery man who walks through her dreams, save him from a fate worse than death, and a whole lot more besides.

Two centuries earlier, Cullen Thaine is due to leave on a hell-bound vessel—his soul promised to the Lord of the Underworld—when Sunny finds herself in his arms, with the power to rescue him from a dark and powerful witch. She has to be dreaming, right? This is Sunny’s initiation into the Raven’s Landing coven, but our benevolent white witches have an enemy, and he has his own plans for the lovely Sunny Chambers.

Cullen and Sunny have become the focus of the local coven war, and their destiny is now at stake. Sunny needs to learn all about her magical heritage, figure out how she traveled back in time, and cope with the coven war…while falling hopelessly in love with a lusty hunk from the 1800s.

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Excerpt from A Coven of Her Own:

Moonlight spilled through the window into the bedroom.

Sunny stirred in her bed. Her eyes fluttered open.

Had she drifted off, had she been dreaming again?

She looked at the open window, where the curtains lifted in the summer breeze. The sky beyond was lit by the full moon. Sighing, she willed herself back into the recurring dream she’d recently been having—lucid visions about a mysterious stranger.

“Who are you?” she murmured. “Why can’t you be real?” The dreams were so delicious she wanted to go there again—to lose herself in his fierce embrace.

Her eyelids lowered, sleep beckoning her.

Through the ether, her own name whispered through her mind, as if a familiar voice called to her. Instinct tugged on her to recognize the intimate, beckoning command.

It was him, the seductive stranger.

Coiling under the open window, the midnight mist entered the room, crossing the space, wavering over her body. Mystical and entrancing, it wore a man’s image, taking his form as it moved against her exposed skin, teasing her with fey kisses.

Her body pulsed with desire.

Physical recognition flooded her and she reached out for him.

Her emotions dipped and soared.

The presence coaxed her gently, caressing her with the most intimate of lover’s touches.

She fought through her slumber, moaning in response to his call, her limbs tangled in the sheets. He was there, she could sense him, but still she couldn’t touch him or hear the words he whispered. His face grew more distinct as he closed over her, riding the night to be with her. Intense blue eyes flashed in the moonlight, the fall of thick dark hair over his brows materializing.

Powerful arms surrounded her, and her fingertips danced over a chest so real—so vast and strong—she cried out with longing.

Twisting amongst the sheets, she found herself caressed, adored, and driven to the brink of madness by her dream lover.


Meet Bestselling Author Saskia Walker

Award-winning British author Saskia Walker first dreamed of writing her own stories when she discovered a handful of romance novels stashed away in her school library. An avid reader, she lapped up the adventures and the life-affirming emotion she found there.

As well as fantasy and romance, Saskia writes paranormal, historical and contemporary fiction, with a special interest in witchcraft. Saskia's short stories have now been published in over one hundred international anthologies and magazines. Her novels have been published by two New York publishing houses as well as several smaller publishing houses. To her absolute delight two of her novels won Passionate Plume awards, and her work has twice been nominated for a Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers' Choice Award. Her Witches of Scotland series was widely translated and became a Scandinavian bestseller. In 2015 she became a USA TODAY bestselling author. It's been an amazing journey. Saskia is now a full time author and she has many more stories to tell.

Interview with Saskia Walker:

Q: Hi, Saskia! Tell us a little about yourself.

SW:  Hi, I’m Saskia Walker. I’m British, although I’ve lived in many places over the world. I’d always wanted to write but started in earnest in the 1990s. I’ve since had many stories published across several genres: romantic fantasy, sensual romance, historical and paranormal. I keep coming back to paranormal, and it’s always like coming home to my true love.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

SW:  I used to tell everyone I would be a writer when I was a little kid, and luckily I managed to live up to my own convictions. Being an only child, books were my constant companion. That and a wild imagination! I started writing in earnest over twenty years ago. I’ve since had many stories published. I’ve been lucky to work with some of the biggest publishers around, including Penguin and Harlequin. My work has been translated into many different languages, including Russian. It’s also picked up awards and nominations, and some of my books have been bestsellers. Most importantly my novels are always romances, whatever time or genre they’re set in. I like to write about women having adventures and finding romance as part of the deal.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

SW:  There’s sheer joy in writing the magical. It’s fun, creative, and liberating, and if a writer gets it right that comes across to the reader. It’s challenging, too, examining humanity through the lens of a paranormal story, determining what makes us human and what can add or take away from it. It’s a big adventure. Who doesn’t want to be whisked away into a magical dream that’s both a romance and a huge adventure?

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

SW:  Witches, without a doubt. I love that witches can be loners but can also be part of a community, the sense of family they might find in a coven. The witches I write are close to their humanity and are trying to manage the magical aspect without being drawn to the dark side or exposed. That sense of conflict is at the core of any paranormal being. The first witch series I wrote was published by HQN Books and it was set in the early 1700s, at the end of the witch trials in Britain. The series I’ve just completed is set in a lighter, contemporary world.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

SW:  A Coven of Her Own introduces the reader to the Witches of Raven’s Landing series. Sunny Chambers is a strong young woman who’s unaware she’s inherited magic. As an innocent, she leads the reader into an established coven, and we experience her journey from newbie to strong and powerful witch/woman. As the story opens she’s experiencing sensual dreams of a mystery man—Cullen, a swashbuckling hero locked in time by a dark witch. Sunny will travel through time, fall for Cullen, and want to save him. The local witches know what Sunny might be capable of, so they draw out and encourage her witchcraft, teaching her, enabling her to find her lover through time. The series is set in Cornwall, a British county at the very toe-tip of England—a wild and beautiful peninsula, steeped in myth and legend —the perfect place to set a paranormal series. I hope readers will enjoy the stories told across the series, all of which publish on March 9th.

Thanks for chatting with us, Saskia! 


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