The Secrets Saga by Angee Taylor

Journey: The Beginning

Secrets journey5Journey is a prequel to the Secrets Saga series.

~ Rose ~

How do you explain to a family that you lost their dead loved-one? Why are patients suddenly predicting their own deaths and telling Rose about a future she can't accept?
Everyone sees Rose as a caring, intelligent, beautiful woman – but they never once suspect the horrors she suffers at home.

~ Cortne & AJ ~

Discover the events from Cortne and Aj's earlier lives – which allow them to accept things most people can't.

Binded together because of their pasts, the three join together to fight for their futures.

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Hidden Secrets (The Secrets Saga, Book One)

Hidden SecretsRose has been struggling for years to find out about the mysterious illness that’s killing her. She’s decided to end her life after one last trip to the French Quarter…Her plans go awry when the sexy Caleb Glasson, who carries a dark secret, saunters into her life. She discovers that she’s not what she appears to be, to rest of the world. The only man that can unlock that secret is dead at Caleb’s hand. The most startling epiphany is that she has latent powers that will emerge in a haunting thrilling story that will answer all of her questions.

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Deadly Secrets (The Secrets Saga Book Two)

deadly blue eyesThe wedding was supposed to stop the endless stream of death threats. It seems someone didn’t get the message. As the family struggles to find the person or persons sending the threats, they face problem after problem. Rose is developing new powers so fast she's having a difficult time keeping up with them. New family members have been discovered that were erased from the family history. There is even possibly a betrayal from within their own family. Whom can Rose and Caleb trust? Who is out to kill them? Will they figure it out in time to save themselves and their family? Or will they discover the truth too late to save everyone they love?

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Secrets Revealed (The Secrets Saga, Book Three)

secrets revealedRose is tired of her and her family being hunted, so she decides to do the hunting herself and takes Cortne along with her. They end up taking a few detours along the way, learning more about Rose’s past and her family. Does being a Sun Witch add more problems to her life or does it make it easier? Facing severe fatigue and needing to feed frequently makes the hunt more difficult. They already found the traitor in the family, or did they? Is everyone who they appear to be? Has her family been honest with her? Has she been honest with herself? Are friends truly friends or are they enemies lying in wait?

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Author Bio

Angela-56I was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. My mother and father separated when I was young. I lived with my mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on me as I grew up. I have always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child, I would sneak up late at night when my mom thought I was sleeping, to read. We moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. I married at a young age and eventually divorced. I have raised my now 16 year old son alone. I work full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes see things that would make the rest of you have nightmares. On other days, I am blessed to see miracles. These things are what drive me to write.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that I was told I would be on full disability in five years and most likely to be dead in ten. I’ve fought to live a normal life every day since and I’m beating those odds. I work at a demanding job, I’m a single mom, I care for an elderly mother, and two dogs.

I describes my job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose. Sometimes I win. It's the emotional roller coaster of that job, which leads me to writing. I'm able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”

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