Heat filled emotion, with a focus on that magical moment when lust and love meet head on.
True alpha's who fall hard when they meet with their feisty heroines, and have to work for their happy ever after.  Grab your copies below!

Ice: Dragon Clan


Reg. Price: $2.99

When a tough, ice-cool cage fighter meets her match in two hot as sin dragon shifters, the sparks fly.

Ice is a tough cage fighter who has spent her life closed off and mostly alone. As a child, she experienced moments where she burned others with a mere touch. These strange experiences terrified and confused her, but she knows if she keeps her emotions under control the burning doesn't happen. This iron self-control has made her a fearsome opponent in the ring.

When two sexy as sin strangers enter her life, telling her they can shed light on her mysterious ‘gift', her world is turned upside down.

Nathan, leader of the Scottish Dragon clan, is shocked to find Ice, a dragon female, living in the human world. Not only is she unaware of her heritage, she is also a match made in heaven for Nate and his bonded male, Dom.

When Nathan calls him to the city to meet their mate, Dominic is immediately smitten. As Ice spends time with the two males, it becomes clear they all share a mutual desire but are too scared to act on their feelings.

Can their heady, lust-filled nights lead to a lasting commitment and happiness for all three?

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Mia: Dragon Clan


When two outcast dragon males meet the perfect female, their world is torn apart.

Mia is a loner, and happy that way. She has her art, and her beloved dog to keep her company. When two sexy but scary men enter her life, she’s torn between wanting them, and wanting to run away.

Steffan is a powerful and ancient dragon shifter who has spent centuries alone. His world is turned upside down when he meets a young male and a vulnerable female who need him as much as he wants them.

Aiden wants nothing more than to keep living his carefree life. He finds himself falling fast and hard for Mia and Steffan, and it terrifies him.

Three damaged people face a battle between their powerful attraction for one another and their own demons.
Can they overcome their fears and struggles and forge a future together?

Mia is a stand alone dragon shifter novel. It is a MMF love story and contains a HEA.

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Brenin. Fae Dating Ageny: Book One

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Reg. Price: $2.99

When a lonely bear shifter comes across a woman lost in the woods all hell breaks loose. His inner bear recognises his mate immediately, but Brenin lets his head rule his heart, and refuses to let himself fall for the curvy beauty.
Charlie is lost and scared, and the appearance of a huge bear doesn't help one bit. Neither does being taken to a deserted house where she's snowed in with a group of huge men, including the one she's trying to fight her attraction to.
Add in some matchmaking fae, the dark fae, and a lot of lust, and this is one sizzling bear shifter romance you don't want to miss.
*N.B: This is an updated, added to, and changed new version of the novella – Bear with a Sore Head that was in the Shifters on Fire boxset.*

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Wolves at the Door: Shifters of the Glen 1

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“Don't miss this exciting new shifter series from Skye Jones,” Michelle Fox.

Research scientist, Brooke Buchanan, has agreed to spend a year studying the wildlife of a remote Scottish region. Alone in a wooden cabin with only her dog for company, she is determined not to be scared. What she eventually finds living out there in the lonely woods shocks her to the core.

Sexy alpha wolf shifter, Drew, knows the curvaceous female will be trouble, but he can’t resist her amazing scent. He seduces Brooke, and they spend a hot and sensual night together, but Drew wants more. He wants Brooke as his mate.

Disturbed by all she’s discovered, and overwhelmed by her intense feelings for the charismatic Drew, Brooke panics and runs.

Can Drew find her before it is too late?

*Wolves at the Door is book one in the new Shifters of the Glen paranormal romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers.

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Wolf in the Woods: Shifters of the Glen 2

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“Don't miss this exciting new shifter series from Skye Jones,” Michelle Fox.

When a sexy shifter and a curvy human female meet, the sparks fly.

A camping trip in the Scottish wilderness is exactly what Izzy needs to nurse her bruised heart. But danger lurks in the isolated woods where she pitches her tent.

Wolf shifter, Louis, catches Izzy’s scent and is immediately drawn to her. He isn’t supposed to want the curvy human female as he is the pack enforcer, not an alpha, but he can’t resist her. He defies pack orders to keep watch over her.

When Izzy is brutally attacked, Louis is there to help. He takes her back to his pack and the two of them unleash an intense attraction they find hard to deny. But forces are ranged against them, and they must overcome many obstacles before they can be together.
Can they combine their strengths to overcome the odds?

**This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA.**

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Wolf in the City: Shifters of the Glen 3

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Handsome, confident, and cocky, Jake is one alpha wolf who knows what he wants. Nothing but some no-strings fun. But when he bumps into an intriguing human female during a trip to Edinburgh, “nothing” quickly becomes something he’s never experienced before. Something serious.

Cait never gets the hot guy. Partly, she blames herself for hanging around with two gorgeous supermodel types. So when hot and sexy Jake hits on her in a heaving nightclub, she doesn’t trust his motives one bit. What does a guy like him want with an ordinary girl like her?

One broken jaw, a hostile cat, and some sizzling fun later, Jake and Cait realize their connection runs deeper than either expected – just in time for danger to rear its ugly head and threaten not only Cait, but Jake and his pack, too.
Can they learn to trust one another and join together to destroy the forces ranged against them?

**This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA**

“This is one hot, Hot, HOT story ” Leather and Lace reviews.

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About the Author: Skye Jones is a romance author who likes to write about that moment when lust and love meet head on. A lot of her stories are set in the UK, in places like Wales and Scotland where she loves the myths and folklore. She loves a tortured alpha male and makes her heroes work for their happy ever after.

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