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Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card & Paperback Book From Stephanie Mirro!

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(The Last Phoenix Book 1)
by Bestselling Author Stephanie Mirro

I wasn’t always the bad guy…

Once upon a time, I was simply Veronica Neill: daughter, sister, phoenix. But now I’m all alone, and life as the Falcon—an avian shifter and acquirer of fantastical things—is dangerously sexy and fun.

Some might even call me a thief, just never to my face.

But when my latest acquisition is stolen before I arrive and a gruesome murder is blamed on me, I've got a choice to make: 1) get taken in by the hotter-than-hell agent sent by the Death Enforcement Agency and let them charge me with a crime I didn’t commit, or 2) wait for my bloodsucking client to realize I've failed at the job he hired me for.

I don’t like either door, so I'll take the window instead: track down the real killer and clear my name.

If I don’t solve this murder, and fast, then I might just be facing a lifetime in a grim prison—or worse, a lifetime of servitude to the man who hired me, a man who’s turning out to be more dangerous than I realized. And my kind lives for a very long time.

If you loved Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunters, Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels, or Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series then you will devour The Last Phoenix series.

WINGS OF FIRE is the 1st book of 7 in The Last Phoenix series, a kickass urban fantasy containing fast-paced action, snarky humor, sexy grim reapers, horrific vampires, a hearty dose of swearing, and a healthy splash of romance.

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Excerpt from Wings of Fire:

He smiled at me, that dastardly kind of smile that dampened my lady bits. When was the last time I had gotten laid? It might be time to take care of that, just not with an agent. Dead guys weren’t my type, no matter how good they looked.

“Terrible, isn’t it?” he asked, though his tone made it clear it was rhetorical. He knew I was faking my response.

I mean, it was horrifying the fae had died, but it wasn’t by my hand.

“Very. I wish I could help you, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I left soon after you and I parted ways.” Got to love the word soon. It made my statement totally true.

“See, that’s the thing.” He tucked his hands into the pockets of his crisp black slacks as he sauntered toward me. “We know you killed him.”

Turned out the angels did reveal my alter ego to the reapers—the bastards.

I narrowed my eyes up at him as he closed the distance between us. “I’m telling you I didn’t.”

As I turned away this time, his hand stopped me—a scorching hot brand on my arm. Now that I was close enough to feel his breath against my face, the hint of cardamom mixed with the sweet citrus of bergamot and made my mouth water. Complex yet alluring. I looked back up, my breath coming out short.

“It’s hard to forget eyes like yours,” Thane said, lowering his gaze to my lips. “And those lips.”

Fuck me sideways. Had I known someone would be murdered, I would never have gotten cocky enough to remove my brown contacts. The image the agency displayed on the Community forum had revealed the color beautifully, which meant any number of Community members could connect the dots. Thank the gods Joe hadn’t.

But now the man the agency sent, one of the most attractive men I had ever seen, was tempting me like no other.

He leaned in, his lips brushing against mine, setting off an inferno-like chain reaction that lit me to my core. I might have lost all my control and thrown myself at him, pulling him into the alley, had I not heard the click.

“What the—” I jerked my head back and looked down. Handcuffs secured my wrist to his.


Meet Bestselling Author Stephanie Mirro

Stephanie Mirro is an Amazon bestselling author with a lifelong love of ancient mythology. That love led to majoring in the Classics in college, which wasn't quite as much fun as writing her own mythology stories as she did as a child. But an overactive imagination combined with her education and being an avid fantasy reader, resulted in a writing career.

Starting her days with coffee and ending them with wine means Stephanie can usually be found juggling household chores, keeping the kids alive, and trying to write, edit, publish, and market the stories that haunt her dreams.

Born and raised in Southern Arizona, Stephanie now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, two kids, and two furbabies. This thing called “seasons” is still magical.

Interview with Stephanie Mirro:

Q: Hi Stephanie! Tell us a little about yourself.

SM:  Greetings, Mortals! I’m Stephanie Mirro, author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, although I dabble in other types of fantasy as well. I’m also a mom and wife and closing in on the big 4-0, which means I start my days with a hefty amount of coffee and end them with an equal amount of wine. I grew up in the dry heat of the desert (also known as Tucson, Arizona), but after pestering my mom to move for almost thirty years, I decided to do it on my own. So now I’m in Northern Virginia, on the outskirts of Washington, DC, and I LOVE it. Seasons are real, people.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

SM:  Yes! My parents like to joke that I started to read before I spoke, and I picked up a pencil soon after. I’ve always had a wildly vivid imagination, so much so that gory zombie dreams at night are completely normal and welcome. I’m also convinced that monsters do live under my bed and in shadowy corners. Anywho, I had trouble deciding on what I wanted to do in life career-wise because I wanted to be everything and do all the things. I settled for writing about them instead.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

SM:  Oof, this is a tough one. I can’t recall a time I’ve ever not liked fantasy, especially the paranormal. I grew up with Goosebumps, Dean Koontz, Tamora Pierce, and L.J. Smith guiding my way, which explains why my stories typically include a mashup of genres. I’m sure my wild imagination and the fact that I always had my nose stuck in a fantasy book are to blame for my fascination with it all.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

SM:  I am all about vampires. Always have been, always will be. I started with L.J. Smth’s Vampire Diaries, but there’s no type of vampire I don’t like – from Edward to Lestat to the Lost Boys. I’m drawn to the idea of immortality, but I also love that there’s an inherent moral greyness that comes with the vampire lifestyle. My first series, Immortal Relics, explores the vampire dilemma more than The Last Phoenix series, but I had a ton of fun reinventing vampires for both series in different ways.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

SM:  The Last Phoenix is a 7-book series following a feisty phoenix shifter as she gets into trouble with the authorities. Being a thief will do that to a girl, you know?

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

SM:  Veronica Neill is an “acquirer of fantastical things” – aka, a thief. I adore writing Veronica because (unlike my protagonist in Immortal Relics), V is nothing like me. She’s a challenge because she comes with a lot of baggage, including things I’ve never experienced like the death of her parents and growing up with dyslexia. But one of my favorite qualities of V’s (and one I hope to take on myself someday) is that she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Stephanie!


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