The Stone Soldier Series by C. E. Martin

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Stone Soldier – series prequel

Captain Mark Kenslir dies a horrible death in the bowels of a secret government base in 1962. Somehow he returns to life- with amazing strength and the ability to resist injury. After being cleared to return to duty, Kenslir finds himself in Laos, investigating the disappearance of a patrol. What he discovers is a Chinese sorcerer and a water elemental- working for the Communists.

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Mythical (Stone Soldiers #1) – FREE download


Colonel Mark Kenslir is the last of the Cold War supersoldiers- and he's just come back from the dead. The only problem is, he can't remember who, or what, killed him or how he came to possess inhuman strength and the ability to heal any wound.

With the help of two teens who find him lost in the Arizona desert, the Colonel slowly begins to piece together his past, leading him to a final showdown with his murderer: a heart-eating, prehistoric shapeshifter leaving a trail of death and destruction across the Southwest.

Without weapons or his stone soldiers, can Kenslir stop the monster's murderous rampage, or will it kill him once more?

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Brothers in Stone (Stone Soldiers #2)

02BISqtrColonel Mark Kenslir, a cold warrior cursed to live forever, is rebuilding his team of Stone Soldiers after their defeat at the six-fingered hands of a prehistoric shapeshifter. But before he can recruit new soldiers to become men of living stone, reports come in of a new shapeshifter tearing out and consuming the hearts of victims in the American Southwest.

Kenslir enlists the help of one brave teenage girl and an FBI postcognitive empath to track down the new killer- only to discover there are now two prehistoric shapeshifters loose in the modern world. Falling back to their headquarters to regroup and replenish their numbers, Kenslir's military Detachment soon find themselves under assault from the ravenous shapeshifters- who are intent on pillaging the military's greatest supernatural treasures.

It becomes a race against time to stop the double threat of the shapeshifters inside the Stone Soldier's base, before they escape with world-changing power.

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Blood and Stone (Stone Soldiers #3)

03BASqtrImprisoned at Alcatraz for over forty years, Dr. Laura Olson dreamed of two things: freedom and meeting back up with the man who spared her life and gave her a chance to serve her country from behind bars. All that changes when a shapeshifter comes to the Rock, ripping out and eating the hearts of the inmates to steal their memories and paranormal abilities. The shapeshifter sweeps through the prison and finally attacks Dr. Olson, stealing her heart and her undead powers before fleeing the country.

When the shapeshifter declares himself to be the second coming of the Mayan blood god Kukulcan to the people of the Yucatan, America's anti-supernatural forces spring into action, recruiting Dr. Olson and giving her a chance for payback.

The vampire now must work with a team of living stone soldiers, a teenager who can freeze objects with her mind and the super soldier who captured her long ago. Can the undead Doctor keep her new team alive long enough to get revenge, or will she succumb to her blood thirst and join with the new Kukulcan?

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Stone Soldiers Omnibus 1 (Books 1-3)

Omni1qtr(A collection of the first three books in the Stone Soldiers series that pits supersoldiers against the supernatural.)

They have been living among us for millenia, hiding in the shadows. Some believe in them, some do not, but when the mythical become a threat, the U.S. military sends in their own supersoldiers to defend against the supernatural.

After millenia trapped in separate tombs, two shapeshifting giants are set free in the modern world. Able to take the form, the memories and even the powers of anyone by ripping out and eating their hearts, the giants blaze a trail of carnage across the face of America.

The United States responds quickly, sending in the Black Sabers, Detachment 1039, to combat this latest supernatural threat. But Colonel Mark Kenslir and his living stone soldiers are no match for the first shapeshifter. When the Colonel returns to life after a brief battle, he must complete his last mission and stop the shapeshifter with only the help of two brave teens.

With one shapeshifter defeated, Kenslir must rebuild a team of supersoldiers to defend America. But the shapeshifters regroup as well and bring the fight to the Colonel. Breaking into the Black Sabers' base of operations in Miami, the giants plunder the supernatural riches stored there, but ultimately are stopped.

Defeated, but not killed, the last shapeshifter flees to Mexico, posing as the Mayan god Kukulcan to gather worshipers and sacrifices. Colonel Kenslir and his new team must head south and stop the last shapeshifter once and for all, before it amasses enough power to become unstoppable.

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Shades of War (Stone Soldiers #4)


Colonel Mark Kenslir has defended America from the supernatural for over fifty years. In that time, he's killed many men. Now one of those vanquished enemies has come back from the grave- and is raising a spectral army from Civil war battlefields for revenge.

Kenslir must find a way to stop an army that is already dead, before they reach Washington and plunge the country into chaos. Aided by his cryokinetic granddaughter, an amorous vampire M.D. and his stone soldiers, can the Colonel stop the forces of darkness or will Washington fall to the shades of gray?

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Black Knight Down (Stone Soldiers #5)

05BKDqtrWhen a coven of witches conspire to bring down a prehistoric satellite orbiting the earth for millennia, the Stone Soldiers spring into action, encountering a mysterious, superhuman priest spouting dire warnings that the Black Knight satellite must not be opened.

Defying orders to leave the satellite in the hands of the Air Force, Colonel Mark Kenslir launches his own investigation into the satellite's origins and finally discovers the dark forces it contains.

To combat the supernatural, the U.S. Military relies on a Joint Forces Unit of psychics and supersoldiers. Based in Miami, Florida, Detachment 1039 responds to threats conventional forces cannot handle. Stone Soldiers- men turned to living stone- work alongside a werewolf, a cryokinetic, a vampire and their enigmatic leader: Colonel Mark Kenslir- a man kept immortal by a series of curses and possessing an innate resistance to magic. Together, they are America's first line of defense from the magical and the mythical.

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Armageddon Z (Stone Soldiers #6)

06ArZqtrKenji Nakayama has seen the end of the world—and it isn't pretty. Those killed by a horrific plague have risen up, reanimated and eager to kill. Those that have survived struggle to find somewhere safe. For Kenji, this nightmare never ends—no matter how many times he dies.

That all changes when the young precog encounters the Stone Soldiers, rescuing survivors and slaughtering zombies. Kenji learns that the petrified super soldiers could have prevented the apocalypse with a little forewarning. Luckily for them, Kenji can do just that—by going back and experiencing it all one more time.

Can the men of living stone save the world with Kenji's help, or will the monster behind the undead apocalypse prove more than even a super psychic can handle?

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