Tasha Black’s 16 Baddest Boys in Paranormal Romance

Tasha Black’s 16 Baddest Boys in Paranormal Romance

…And the Crazy-Hot Lines that Got Them on this List!

We’ve all been there… closing the e-reader and then hugging it, absolutely wild with delight over the smokin’ hot alpha bad boy in the book we just devoured!

And if you’re like me, you’re immediately wondering if there will ever be another one half as hot. Fortunately, when that happens, I turn to my reading group to compare notes!

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16 Michelle Fox #16—Talon Garde (Wolf Shifter) The Alpha’s Justice by Michelle Fox

Let’s kick this off with Talon Garde, from Michelle Fox’s The Alpha’s Justice! Talon is a badass alpha sheriff, whose growl strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. But what is he to do, when lucky Gretchen drives him wild with lust and sweetness?

15 Mina Carter #15—Raterrenh (Pixie/Demon) One Night With the Demon Prince by Mina Carter

Our next alpha dreamboat is half pixie, half demon, Raterrenh from One Night With the Demon Prince. Mina Carter describes him as: the man every mother warns her daughter about. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen… like most demons, his sex drive is high and his bedpost carved away under the weight of the notches. Until, of course, he meets dragon queen, Babylonia.

14 V.M. Black #14—Dorian Thorne (Vampire) Blood Lust: Vampire’s Choice by V.M. Black

Dorian Thorne, from author V.M. Black’s Blood Lust: Vampire’s Choice is a powerful vampire longing for a consort. When she arrives, the connection transcends survival.

13 Celia Kyle G #13—Mitchell Blake (Wolf Shifter) Roaring for Him by Celia Kyle

Author Celia Kyle is known for books with banter. Her alpha, Mitchell Blake from Roaring for Him has plenty of banter with heroine, Tilly, who needs to let loose after a lifetime caring for her sisters and running a bakery called (wait for it…) Bless Your Tart.

12 Ariana Hawkes #12—Magnus Adams (Lion Shifter) Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love by Ariana Hawkes

Author Ariana Hawkes’s Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love hero has a name so luscious that we had to give him a second glance! Magnus Adams, wealthy lion shifter, was well worth checking out. Handsome, hunky, and prone to a run through a national park for fun, Magnus loses his cool when it comes to Andrea Bianco.

11 Mandy Roth #11—King Kabril (Bird Shifter) King of Prey by Mandy M. Roth

Our next alpha is a bird shifter. Raise an eyebrow if you must, but when I tell you King of Prey was written by romance rock star Mandy M. Roth you’ll know this alpha means business. King Kabril must find a human mate, though he shudders to think of the indignity of mating with a terrestrial creature. He will need the help of his best advisor not to screw things up when he falls hard for lucky Rayna.

10 Violet Vaughn #10—Sven (Bear Shifter) Tempted by the Bear by V. Vaughn

Sven is a bear with a tendency to walk on the wild side! V. Vaughn’s Tempted by the Bear serial got us all talking.

9 Charlene Hartnady #9—Ward (Wolf Shifter) Stolen by the Alpha Wolf by Charlene Hartnady

Vampire, Stephany from author Charlene Hartnady’s Stolen by the Alpha Wolf, is determined never to mate again. But her resolve is sorely tested by alpha wolf shifter, Ward. When Ward decides he wants to claim her, sparks fly!

8 Elle Thorne G #8—Franco Duran (Panther Shifter) Foreplay by Elle Thorne

Our next sexy alpha, from author Elle Thorne’s Foreplay, has to uncover secrets about his fated mate if he wants to take it to the next level. Luckily, sexy Franco is assertive enough to get what he wants.

7 Carina Wilder #7—Lachlan (Wolf Shifter) Sought by the Alphas by Carina Wilder

Our next bad boy is a time-traveling wolf shifter who has to share his mate with his co-alpha. But don’t think for one minute that it makes him only half as interesting! Author Carina Wilder’s Lachlan had something to say about what he was going to do before bringing lucky Gwynne home for the mating ritual in Sought by the Alphas.

6 Jessie Donovan #6—Kai Sutherland (Dragon Shifter) Reawakening the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

This dragon alpha has his hands full cooperating with sassy reporter Jane Hartley on an investigation. But tall blond Kai Sutherland can handle it. His line from author Jessie Donovan’s Reawakening the Dragon made us melt.

5 Ruby Shae G #5—Gage Adams (Bear Shifter) Lone Bear by Ruby Shae

Hot grizzly bear shifter, Gage Adams, is a man of few words with one thing on his mind: curvy waitress, Kate Sinclair. Author Ruby Shae’s Lone Bear bad boy made us giggle and blush.

4 Bella Forrest #4—Derek Novak (Vampire) A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

A handful of vampires have crossed from the beloved libraries of steadfast PNR lovers into the main stream. Author Bella Forrest’s A Shade of Vampire is one of them. Ripped between instinct and conscience, vampire ruler Derek Novak clings to the vestiges of his humanity through the innocent Sofia.

3 Terry Bolryder #3—John (Hades) (Bear Shifter) Big Strong Bear by Terry Bolryder

If you can’t bear the heat, then stay out of author Terry Bolryder’s kitchen! In Big Strong Bear, John, better known as Hades to his military buddies, has finally come home to claim his mate. But curvy Cassie gives the gorgeous shifter a run for his money. Scars and all, Hades is one of the hottest bad boys in PNR.

2 Milly Taiden #2—Brecc and Eros (Wolf Shifters) There’s Snow Escape by Milly Taiden

When Charlotte Marzan visits another planet in Milly Taiden’s There’s Snow Escape, the sarcastic heroine does not expect two sexy wolves to lay their claim on her. Brecc and Eros are quick to talk their way into her bed, and it’s no wonder, with lines like this!

1 Eve Langlais #1—Arik Castiglione (Lion Shifter) When an Alpha Purrs by Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais is the author we turn to when we need good, hard laugh-out-loud silliness blended seamlessly into a decadent paranormal romance read. The alpha bad boy who made it to the top of our list is Arik from When an Alpha Purrs. Choosing just one of this billionaire lion’s hot and prideful lines was nearly impossible. This snippet of dialogue should give you an idea of what poor heroine, Kira, has to contend with.


Thanks so much for exploring some of PNR’s hottest bad boys with me! Do you agree with our choices? Did we (gasp!) forget a very special alpha? What would you like me to write about next? Shout out in the comments!!! Remember, we have two giveaways:

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