Your Thursday Reading List – 1/3/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 1/3/19

Fire of the Dreki
L.E. Wilson

Fire of the Dreki (The Sergones Coven Book 1) by [Wilson, L.E.]The beast is awake, and it burns for its mate.

Kohl Sergones knows there's no place for a woman around a creature like him—half vampire, half dragon, and the only one of his kind. Taken in by a coven of vampires who make their home in the underground caverns of central Texas, he stays alive by keeping his head down while he fights to keep his volatile shifter side at bay. But that all goes to hell the night Kohl sees Devon dancing alone at The Caves. Her tawny skin begs for his touch, and her sweet scent ignites a blood lust he can't control.

Devon Young never thought she would find herself on the witness stand of a notorious court case concerning her employer, Parasupe—a company created by the government to regulate supernatural creatures. Her testimony puts her boss in jail and makes Devon the target of malicious internet bullying. Forced to put that life behind her, she gives up her high paying job and relocates, determined to stay under the radar. Until the night she meets a sexy bartender whose tattooed appearance is in direct contrast to the sweet warmth of his brown eyes. The attraction is immediate and intense, and his hungry touch kindles a fire in her she thought was long dead.

Bringing Devon into his world will expose his coven, and put Devon in even more danger. If the beast inside of him doesn't kill her, the coven master will.

But that isn't enough to keep him away.

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Stunner (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Series)
Trina M. Lee

Stunner (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Series) by [Lee, Trina M.]Two prequel short stories from the Alexa O'Brien Huntress series.

Reckless and young, Alexa has a talent for finding trouble. This time trouble is a vampire who will change her life forever.

This story takes place before Alexa O'Brien Book One, Once Bitten. Grab that book for the start of a gripping, dark reverse harem urban fantasy series.

Night Walker
Aaron L Speer

Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Book 1) by [Speer, Aaron    L]

Winner of the 2017 International Vampire Film and Arts Festival Golden Stake Award, Night Walker will cast aside all you think you know about the Undead. The Undeadly Secrets series is perfect for fans of True Blood and Underworld. Vampires wage a secret, merciless war for ownership of Sydney, completely unbeknownst to the public. But just when humans seem nothing more than prey, the hunters just might become the hunted…

When Alexandra Hensley meets Dante Delavega, owner of the hottest nightclub in Sydney, she had no idea how he would affect her life.
Alex learns Dante holds the key to her past and there is something she must know. When she discovers what really happened to her parents, she unlocks an Australian secret kept hidden since the First Fleet.
But no truth comes without a cost and a secret of this magnitude has only remained hidden due to one simple rule: they join us or die. Word of her discovery spreads to those whose sole purpose is to keep the secret buried, and Dante's greatest battle begins. Alex must be silenced, and Dante is all that is standing in their way. Can he truly save Alex? Or will Alex be yet another victim of knowing the Undeadly Secret?

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“4.5 stars! It’s a PNR lover’s dream…” The World Was Hers For The Reading
“5 stars! You are going to lust and love, obsess and hate, fear and hope…” Lawless Land Of Books
“5 stars! A roller coaster of a read!” Sandra Loves Reading
“4 stars! Speer baits you, then hooks you, never letting you go…” Paranormal Bree

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