Your Thursday Reading List – 11/22/18

Your Thursday Reading List – 11/22/18

The Viking Throne
JB Michaels

The Viking Throne: The Cursed Seas Collection by [Michaels, JB]Family comes first in the dystopian sea-faring adventure: The Viking Throne.
The Henihans, a family of sirens, are brutally separated.
James Henihan failed to protect his family. He will dive into the murderous depths of the Cursed Seas of Europe to find his family on a voyage wrought with bloodthirsty pirates, supernatural beasts, sorcerous legends, and environments not fit for the living.

Will James find redemption? Or will his enemies both above and below the Cursed Seas quell his hopes of a family reunion?


Take Me: The Untouchables, #1
T. A. Grey

Take Me: The Untouchables, #1 by [Grey, T. A.]HE CAN'T KEEP HIS HANDS OFF HER…
When Dominic Blackmoore mistakes Felicity Shaw as the mate he's supposed to marry, he can't resist the curvy, sexy woman. As the head of the Blackmoore household running for vampire and were council, he needs a suitable mate–a mate with money, power, and clout. And a wedding planner just won't do the trick–even though she keeps his heart racing and his body begging for more.

Felicity needs work–and the Blackmoore wedding is the Holy Grail of events. She has to keep her mind on the game–and her hands off the groom. Easier said than done. The pull and connection Felicity and Dom feel for one another trumps all political propaganda. And when one terrible and irreparable lies seals both of their fates, everything they've worked for is threatened. Now, they're both in the race of their lives.


Shadowed Secrets
Sabrina Shelley

Shadowed Secrets: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by [Shelley, Sabrina]The thrilling prequel to the Marked Souls Trilogy:

Shadowed figures. Hidden truths. A secret world coming to light.

For Rory Bright, all she’s ever known is the authority of the regime. Long ago orphaned, she’s made her way through life, getting by on her wits. And maybe with a little help from her friends. Namely, her sexy as sin and equally off-limits best friend Drew Iver.

Drew knows what Rory is—an immensely powerful witch who has yet to come into her powers. He also knows what he’s destined to be. Her guardian. The one man who can protect her upon her Awakening.

What Rory doesn’t know is that there are secrets buried deep. Ones she wasn’t meant to learn until the time is right. But a shocking chain of events is about to unleash a power that sets things into motion. Drew is determined to keep her safe, but there’s more to it than even he knows. Because Rory’s powers are like nothing anyone has ever seen. And he’s not the only one waiting to protect Rory with his life. There are four other guardians ready to go into battle for Rory’s life…and her heart.

What once was simple has now set in motion a dark twist of fate as shadowed secrets come into the light…



Emma Edwards

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