Your Thursday Reading List – 1/18/18

Your Thursday Reading List – 1/18/18

T.D. Moon

Protector: A Guardian Council Urban Fantasy Story by [Moon, T.D.]A good Protector never quits.

Newly minted Protector, Daria Rosewood, deploys on a mission that stretches her skills, magic and mental fortitude to the limits. The truth is, sometimes the honor of a lifetime demands a steep price.

When a coal baron's daughter goes missing into the underworld of Seattle, Daria is assigned to guard world renowned private investigator, and paranormal archeologist, Dr. Drake Jones. Together they hunt for the missing woman.

Daria envisions a simple investigation for her first mission. What she gets is a whole lot more than she bargained for – blood slingers, draigos, and half-orcs just to name a few.

Experience the Guardian Council series with Protector today!


Ghost Warrior (Immortal Warriors book 2)
Denna Holm

Ghost Warrior (Immortal Warriors Book 2) by [Holm, Denna]After being abducted and tortured by aliens, all Amanda wants to do is go home, put this nightmare behind her. Instead, she is rescued off one strange world only to be taken to another one. She meets a handsome shapeshifter there who manages to catch her heart. Can they overcome their many challenges to make a life together, or has Amanda jumped out of the frying pan straight into the damn fire? Time to make a decision. Return to Earth or stay and fight for her place by Tallyn's side. Tired of being the victim, Amanda chooses to fight.


Ice: Dragon Clan
Skye Jones

Ice: Dragon Clan. by [Jones, Skye]When a tough, ice-cool cage fighter meets her match in two hot as sin dragon shifters, the sparks fly.

Ice is a tough cage fighter who has spent her life closed off and mostly alone. As a child, she experienced moments where she burned others with a mere touch. These strange experiences terrified and confused her, but she knows if she keeps her emotions under control the burning doesn't happen. This iron self-control has made her a fearsome opponent in the ring.

When two sexy as sin strangers enter her life, telling her they can shed light on her mysterious ‘gift', her world is turned upside down.

Nathan, leader of the Scottish Dragon clan, is shocked to find Ice, a dragon female, living in the human world. Not only is she unaware of her heritage, she is also a match made in heaven for Nate and his bonded male, Dom.

When Nathan calls him to the city to meet their mate, Dominic is immediately smitten. As Ice spends time with the two males, it becomes clear they all share a mutual desire but are too scared to act on their feelings.

Can their heady, lust-filled nights lead to a lasting commitment and happiness for all three?


Secrets to Reveal
Tilly Wallace

Secrets to Reveal (Highland Wolves Book 1) by [Wallace, Tilly]Every heart holds a secret, but some are harder to reveal than others…
England, 1812. Aster Simmons lives a quiet and orderly existence working as a secretary and indulging in her love for puzzles–until her routine is disrupted by the arrival of an impertinent Scotsman who lounges around her office like an overgrown dog. The heated glances he casts her way make her think very non-routine thoughts.

Hamish Logan, captain in the Highland Wolves, has been given a mission to protect the man working on a coded list of traitors. If the Wolves are ever to have the same rights as ordinary men, he has to prove to those in power that a wolf can be civilised. The only problem is the fascinating secretary, who makes his wolf rise to the surface and makes him want to do very uncivilised things.

When the traitors strike, Aster flees with a wolf in pursuit. But can she determine who is behind the plot against England before she forfeits her heart and her life?


Emma Edwards

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