Your Thursday Reading List – 3/29/18

Your Thursday Reading List – 3/29/18

Hard Wilde, Rough Mountain Bears Book 2
Dany Rae Miller

Hard Wilde promised himself that he’d never take a mate. It’s just better given the flaws of his bear. And he’s stuck by that vow … until now … until a blood-thirsty angel with fangs shows up on his mountain. She needs his blood to survive and his monster needs to give it to her.
After being bitten by a demon, Emily craved blood so badly, she ran away from home and society … hiding on Rough Mountain … crafting a cure and biding her time for the right moment to reach for it. But one taste of her werebear’s miracle elixir and she wants more.
It’s wrong.
So, so wrong.
Why does it feel so right?


Sin Wilde, Rough Mountain Bears Book 1
Dany Rae Miller

Sinclair Wilde is just your average cowboy bear shifter who takes care of his family and their Rough Mountain ranch.

When the reclusive next door neighbor dies, his oddball last will and testament opens the door to game hunters. If there’s one thing that should unite the ornery shifter species of the region, it’s city folk roaming the mountains with high powered rifles.

Then along comes Fallon White. She has a cat named Butterscotch and legs for miles. Not only does her arrival on the mountain have the potential to save his way of life, Sin’s monster likes her … a lot.

Fallon is a struggling witch looking for a soft place to land. Sin’s seductive aura and the wide open spaces of her late uncle’s property are just what her psyche needs.

But these mountains harbor more than shifters.

The secrets here are deep and dark … one of them so deadly it’s enough to make a witch run, and send your average cowboy bear shifter to the edge of madness.

Look inside this edition of Sin Wilde for a free bonus chapter!


A Dragon’s Heart
Jan Dockter

Aldain Kincaid the clan chief of the Paragon Dragon Shifters thought he was going to spend his very long life alone, and was in despair of never finding his soul mate.

His friends Cade and Becca who lived with him in his castle in Scotland are mates and watching them has made him realize how alone he really is.

Needing to get away, an opportunity presents itself for him to go to the United States to bring Becca’s sister Tori to Scotland to get her away from an abusive relationship.

When he meets her, much to his surprise, he realizes she is the soul mate he has been waiting for; his one true love.
Aldain wants to take things slow with Tori, the relationship they have is intense. He knows why, but Tori can’t understand why she feels like she has known him her entire life.

He is determined to make her his and as their love grows, Aldain feels it won’t be much longer until he tells her what they mean to each other. Then the unthinkable happens. Tori suffers a devastating accident that puts her on the brink of death.
As she teeters on the abyss, finding herself in a place between life and death, Aldain suffers such intense pain he is wasting away. Becoming a shell of the man he once was and without his mate; life means nothing to him.

Tori can feel his life force leaving him. She needs to find a way to let him know she is alive and trying to find her way back to him. Will she make it back in time to save him or will he succumb to the soul searing pain?


Something SHIFTER This Way Comes
Josie Walker

What if her dream job is really a nightmare?

I shouldn’t have taken a job I knew nothing about, but I was desperate. My new boss was sinfully hot, and did I mention he’s a billionaire? Too bad he’s also rude and domineering! I tried to ignore my feelings, I wasn’t looking for a relationship… and then he had to go and save my life. He warned me falling in love with him was dangerous, but I might not be able to stop myself. Will I discover the truth about my mysterious employer before it’s too late?


Emma Edwards

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