Your Thursday Reading List – 3/10/16


Dragon Fate

by James D Horton


Reg. Price: 2.99

Matthew is damaged goods and he knows it. He's the Champion of Chaos and embraces that fact. He may be fated to fight the Champion of Order but what's the point of being chaotic if you can't flip the tables over? He's got a plan to break free of destiny and claim the one thing his heart truly desires, Elise Ddraig, his mortal enemy.

Curvy Elise Ddraig is the Dragon Chosen. As the only female dragon shifter ever, she's fated to be Order's Champion and save the world. She's had to come to terms with being magically aged but she has her werewolf friends Rose and Rory as allies and her bodyguard turned lover, Lou.

Nothing's easy when you're the Dragon Chosen. Just when she is starting to get things figured out she meets the opposition. The Champion of Chaos, Matthew. He is fiery, powerful, and has plans for her.

The attraction between Elise and Matthew is immediate but can she throw away the life she's made? Can she turn her back on everything and forge a new path? If she does, who will save the world?

Dragon Fate is the conclusion to the Elise Ddraig, Dragon Chosen Series. It is written to be STAND-ALONE though you can catch up on the world with the included bonus books. It has a HAPPY EVER AFTER ending and NO cliffhangers. (How we get there though is one heck of a ride!)


Enjoy the entire Dragon Shifter world created by James D Horton

Loving Two Dragons 1-4
Desired by the Dragon
Dragon Heart
Dragon Magic


 The Vampire's Captive

by Ashley Hunter


BBW In Trouble+ Sexy Vampire Alpha + A Wild Mating Trap= Painfully Pleasurable Love Bites!

Jenny has never had much luck in the past with men, so even though this mysterious, handsome hunk saves her from her abusive ex-boyfriend, she knows better than to expect much from him: outside of the movies, a man saving a female must want something from her, right?

But when she agrees to stay with this dangerously sexy saviour, Patrick, she least expects him to be vampire who would stop at nothing to claim her as his mate for all eternity!

Forced to remain with this devastatingly hot alpha and annoyed by everything from his patronizing attitude to his cool demeanor, Jenny nevertheless can't help but feel attracted to this mysterious man of the night.

After all, Patrick is one of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen, and he sometimes shows himself to be such a romantic…

But it would be madness for her to agree to be his mate…wouldn't it?

As for the tough alpha, he finds his destined mate to be absolutely infuriating—she clearly doesn’t know what is best for herself, so why doesn’t she quit being stubborn and let him take care of her?

After all, he is offering her a long life of luxury and pleasure; why isn’t the curvy beauty interested?

Stuck together under one roof, the two souls go head-to-head but slowly find themselves falling in love with each other in a passionate romance to last the ages!


Complete Bear Creek and Bear Bluff Box Sets

by Harmony Raines


Two complete series on sale for a limited time only – including brand new and exclusive – Best Man Bear!

After watching the man, she thought she was in love with, fall for Chloe, her best friend, Olivia swears off men, at least until Chloe’s wedding is over. A wedding she has helped to plan. Oh, and she’s also the maid of honor. What’s that phrase? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

But she loves Chloe, and knows she deserves to be happy with her husband to be, Nate.

And then Joshua enters her life. As Nate’s best man, they are expected to work closely together, and when Chloe’s past threatens to put a black cloud over her special day, Olivia knows she has to act. Reluctantly accepting Joshua’s offer to help, they go on a short road trip. Will it be the road to happiness for Olivia?

Polar bear shifter Joshua arrives from Alaska to be best man for his friend Nate. What he doesn’t expect to find is his mate, in the curvy form of Olivia. But Olivia has no idea shifters exist. When she finds out the truth, she is upset and hurt, believing the whole town has been keeping secrets from her.

Can Joshua save the wedding, and convince her to be his mate?


Jade Crew: Captive Bear

by Amelia Jade


Darren Shaw has no idea why he asked to be introduced to a woman whom he'd only seen through a crowd. Something about her called to him and to the primal instincts of his inner animal. Trying to convince his beast to obey the human rules of society, he went to meet her. Darren could walk into the fiercest conflict the Valley has ever seen without blinking, but when it comes to meeting the tall and curvaceous woman in front of him, all of his strength may be for naught.

Focus. It's what Kierra Valcke, mayoral candidate for Genesis Valley, needs to maintain. She cannot afford any ill press. Most of all, she absolutely must not allow herself to be seen fraternizing with any of the notorious miner bears. That certainly includes not being talked into a dinner date at the single upscale establishment in the entire town. That would destroy the campaign she's built upon the premise of removing the veil of secrecy from the mining consortium that all but owns the entire valley. So why did she just say yes to the gorgeous giant of a bear shifter who she's never met before?

Neither of them can seem to abide by their own rules, and when the public discovers what Kierra's been up to, they may not be willing to forgive her choice. As she gets swept up in the mystery that surrounds Darren, his crew and the Valley as a whole, the pair are forced to test the limits to which they will go for each other, and for what they believe in.

Can they withstand the growing darkness as one, or will the emergence of a new player in the game thwart their desire for love?


The Key

by Jennifer Anne Davis


Within these pages lie kingdoms with castles and princes who fall in love with fair maidens, but make no mistake−this is no fairytale.

His father's kingdom is on the brink of upheaval and at the center of it all is an ordinary girl who could be the key to its undoing. When faced with the ultimate choice, will he choose the girl he's falling in love with or the kingdom he has sworn to protect?

An ordinary girl with an extraordinary past… All she wants is to be free. What she doesn't realize is that freedom comes with a price she can't afford to pay. She's forced to accept the proposal of a prince she despises, even though her heart belongs to someone else… his brother.

Seventeen-year-old Rema lives in a brutal kingdom where travel between regions is forbidden, people are starving, and looking at someone the wrong way can mean death. Nineteen-year-old Darmik is the king's son and Commander of the King's Army. He spends his days roving the island, doing his father's bidding and trying to maintain control over the people.

When a chance encounter throws Rema and Darmik together, they share an instantaneous connection, but any sort of relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Darmik's brother, the Crown Prince, notices Darmik's interest in Rema and, in a calculated, political move, blackmails her. Faced with an impossible choice, Rema is forced to sacrifice her heart in order to save her family.

As Rema is taken to the palace with the Crown Prince, Darmik confronts the growing rumor that a legitimate blood heir to the throne exists and is trying to overthrow Darmik's family. In Darmik's quest to hunt down and kill the threat, he discovers that nothing is as it seems. Locked in the king's castle, Rema finds herself a key player in a massive power struggle. When Darmik shows up, she's not sure if she can trust him. The line between friends, enemies, and loyalty becomes blurred. As truths are unlocked, Rema understands that she just might be the key to finding the rightful heir and restoring peace to the kingdom… if she can manage to stay alive long enough.



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by Helen Harper


Mackenzie Smith has always known that she was different. Growing up as the only human in a pack of rural shapeshifters will do that to you, but then couple it with some mean fighting skills and a fiery temper and you end up with a woman that few will dare to cross. However, when the only father figure in her life is brutally murdered, and the dangerous Brethren with their predatory Lord Alpha come to investigate, Mack has to not only ensure the physical safety of her adopted family by hiding her apparent humanity, she also has to seek the blood-soaked vengeance that she craves.


Emma Edwards

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