Your Thursday Reading List – 8/23/18

Your Thursday Reading List – 8/23/18

Silver Dragons : Silver Talon Mercenaries
Complete Series Box Set
Sky Winters

Silver Dragons : Silver Talon Mercenaries Complete Series Box Set by [Winters, Sky]Kidnappers, bodyguards, ruthless alphas, and tender daddies, these striking SILVER DRAGONS, are everything you want them to be.

Silver Talon Mercenaries Complete Series Box Set

Book 1: Dragon's Secret Baby
Hired to kidnap a mysterious younger woman, will the leader of the Silver Talon Mercenaries betray his own kind for his feelings?

Book 2: The Dragon Bodyguard
They have to keep their baby a secret, but will this Dragon Bodyguard ruin the reputation of the mercenaries for love?

Book 3: The Dragon's Secret Bride
Will this Silver Dragon betray his mission for a marriage pact from his past?

Steamy shifter romances intended for an 18+ audience. Let these silver talons sink into you!


Dark Blooded Desires
Nicki Ruth

Dark Blooded Desires (Bonds of Damurios Book 1) by [Ruth, Nicki]Davina awakens to a different world and time, unsure of who or what she is. What she does know is that something dark churns within, strong and powerful, and willing to consume her completely to get its way. It hungers for blood and fire, and aims to render the world to nothing but desolation and despair.

But she is not alone. With the help of Alexios, the brooding stranger who takes her aboard his ship, she will try to control her growing thirst and forge a new destiny for herself. But Alexios harbors a millennia-old secret about Davina's past and has plans of revenge that could derail their fledgling bond.

With time running out, will they realize they need each other to conquer the raging darkness within, even as ancient forces plot to destroy them both?


Something Chosen
Alex Owens

Something Chosen (Shadow Vampire Series Book 1) by [Owens, Alex]Death isn't always the end… sometimes it's only the beginning.


Claire's trapped in a dead-end marriage, strapped for cash and getting desperate. Her chance at freedom comes in the form of a music con in Florida. Her mission? Win over a few big clients and collect a fat bonus check. It should have been easy, but Claire didn't count on a bewitched violin, its sultry Italian owner, Bette, or her dark and dangerous companions.Unfortunately, life isn't all song lyrics and seduction. Tied to darkness by blood and power, Claire must harness her abilities if she has any hope of surviving this business trip from hell.




Emma Edwards

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