How To Get TONS Of Free Books

This post is all about how YOU (a dedicated, ravenous reader) can access TONS of killer free books AND how to basically get a free Kindle while you’re at it!

I’ve been spending all this time asking seemingly crazy questions on the FaceBook page about what you would like to see and it turns out just about everybody wants more books!  (Who would have thought!)

Your wish is my command!  But first, there are a few “facts” you need to know…

SHOCKING FACT: Most quality authors aren’t going to mail you a free copy of a book unless you’re a publisher.  BUT almost nobody has a problem sending a PDF or ebook.  (Get it?  No shipping costs!)

AWESOME FACT: You can get TONS of free books IF you have a Kindle or another form of eBook reader.

“But what about the cost of the reader” you say, voice quivering with horror.  “If I’m paying like $200 for the stupid reader won’t I need to then get HUNDREDS of free books to make it worth while?”

Yup.  That would be true… but what if you didn’t have to pay for the reader?

BEST FACT EVER: What spots like Amazon have not made totally clear is if you have the technology to read this blog post then you have the technology to read their books… FREE.

You heard me: If you have a smart phone, tab computer (iPad and such) or just a regular computer then you already have what it takes to have a Kindle, Nook or just about any eReader on the market.

How?  Simple!  Each of these major companies make great money selling the actual device, but they make even MORE money selling the books.  So why would they limit it?

They haven’t! Check it out…

Get TONS Of Free Books From Amazon On Your New FREE Kindleish Device!

#1: Click here and check out how to be a Kindle owner without actually owning a Kindle!

If you have a PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, or Windows 7 Phone you’re in the game!

#2: Click here and join our Killer free book club so you can get access to TONS of great free books!

#3: Click “Like” on this page and leave your comments so we can hook you up with cool stuff!

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