Top 10 Paranormal Romance Novels By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Top 10 Paranormal Romance Novels By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Talk about nonstop sexy reads! Sherrilyn Kenyon never fails to put out an enticing paranormal romance. Dive into our top 10 must reads by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

#10 Phantom Lover

Caring, gentle, and smoking hot. V’Aiden is your dream god.

But would you ever think you would meet the man of your dreams in your nightmares?

#9 Seize The Night

Full of amazing romance, unforgettable characters, and alluring erotica.

With a misunderstood bad boy and an exquisite, intelligent beauty, Seize The Night is one amazing read.

#8 Fantasy Lover

What’s your fantasy?

If it’s a gorgeous man full of sexual tension then this is the book for you. With Greek mythology and a love story to die for, you won’t be able to put this down.

#7 Kiss Of The Night

Kiss Of The Night catches your attention from the beginning and holds it until the very last bit.

Filled with loss, mesmerizing erotic scenes, and lots of humor you will never want to put this book down.

#6 No Mercy

An ass kicking heroin and a super-hot hero.

Sherrilyn Kenyon holds nothing back in this romance. It is full of passion and love and so much more.

#5 Invincible

Nick Gautier finds himself plunged into the world of shapeshifter and demons and runs into a girl he can’t resist although he knows he should. At every turn he finds dark secrets and so much passion.

#4 The Dream Hunter

Everyone wants the man of their dreams to come true, and Arik is the man of everyone’s dreams. Arik is a dream-god  who breaks the rules and has dream sex with a human. Of course, sinful nights ensue.

#3 Sins Of The Night

Sins Of The Night is a sinfully good read 😉

Alexion does what no vampire is allowed to do: fall in love with a human. Faced with the vampire code, Alexion must choose between his love or duty.

#2 Night Embrace

If you are a fan of undeniably sexy men and the lovers they’ve chosen, then this is the book for you. Talon is cursed that anyone he loves dies. Yet he can’t help but fall in love with Sunshine. And she just may be the key to his freedom.

#1 Night Pleasures

Could anything make being kidnapped and tied up good? How about being tied to a deliciously gorgeous vampire. Despite the teensy fact of being kidnapped, Amanda doesn’t mind spending all day looking at Kyrian.

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