Top 12 Addictive Romance Books About Angels

Top 12 Addictive Romance Books About Angels

Angels com in all shapes and sizes: dark and broody, pure and luscious, sinfully right, or all of the above. These are our top 12 alluring books about all the angels you have ever dreamt of.

#12 Ascension

– Caris Roane

A hot start to the Guardian Ascension series! Kerrick takes all Alison throws at him and gives back love. The sexual tension in this book will have you begging for more 😉

#11 Desire Unchained

– Larissa Ione

Desire Unchained exceeds all expectations. Ghouls, demons, and angels oh my! An intense and complex love story that comes with a series to keep you enthralled.

#10 Angel In Chains

– Cynthia Eden

The action is this book is almost nonstop! Azreal saves Jade from her crazy ex- boyfriend and she instantly feels a connection. Jade follows him everywhere and can’t help but fall in love with him.

#9  Wicked Nights

– Gena Showalter

Anabelle portrays herself as strong but really she is fragile and in need of love. Luckily for her, Zacharel is easy to love and everything Anabelle needs.

#8 Plague Of Angels

– John Patrick Kennedy

This book ensnares you from the first page and will have you begging for more when it’s over. A take on God and his angels creates a sexy twist in Plague Of Angels.

#7 Covet

– J.R. Ward

Powerful. Stunning. Absolutely intoxicating!

Jim Heron is de-li-cious! He’s a leather clad, pierced, Harley riding bad ass. You will never want to put this book down. This is the first book in the Fallen Angels series which means there’s plenty more  to fall in love with.

#6 Archangel’s Kiss

– Nalini Singh

Who can resist a hunky sexy angel? This book is full of immortal, strong angels that rule the Earth. Rapheal finds himself entranced with Elena and falls in love with her and decides he will do anything to have her.

#5 Silence

– Becca Fitzpatrick

Hot. Hot. HOT! Silence is full of unstoppable page turners and yummy angels. The story follows Nora and Patch on their adventures together and they will take your breath away.

#4 Envy

– J.R. Ward

The third installment of J.R. Wards Fallen Angels series exceeds its expectations! Between the romance and the tempting characters, this book will have you caught up in the series in no time.

#3 Hush, Hush

– Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora and Patch can’t help falling in love even though it is forbidden. Patch is a fallen angel who is charming with a perfect smile. Nora never planned on falling in love but she just cannot resist Patch.

#2 Passion

– Lauren Kate

Wherever Luce goes, Daniel is a step behind her. In a hunt for the origin of the curse and the answers to her past, Luce finds herself lost without Daniel.

#1 Her Dark Angel

– Felicity Heation

Apollyon awakens Serenity’s deepest desires when she calls upon him for vengeance. Her hunger for him is forbidden but how can she resist Apollyon who is all passion and pure lust.

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