Top 5 Best Selling Vampire Books (According To YOU On FaceBook)

So as the kick-off post here at the new site I wanted to start by thanking everybody who chipped in with the killer content on the FaceBook page.  (Conversation here)

@Maria Ippolito-Goldman had a very good point: Separate the “Teenage” stuff from the more “Adult” stuff.  Nothing wrong with either style… we'll just keep them in different areas after this.

So Here's The Big Breakdown: (Feel free to comment below if I messed this up at all 😉

#1: Anne Rice With The Vampire Chronicles

#2: The Vampire Diaries

#3: The Twilight Series

#4: Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood

#5: My Blood Approves

After that it gets a touch difficult to tell.  Most people all hit the same 5 and then had 1 or 2 which were different.

So what do you think?  AND… let me know what else you'd like to see on the site as well as inside FaceBook.  I'm talking contests, new books, interviews with authors… you name it I'm game to bring it to you!  (Just have to ask!)

Hit me with your comments & suggestions below!

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