Top 8 Romance Books About Shifters

Top 8 Romance Books About Shifters

Be it wolves, bears, dragons, or even cats, shifters are a dream come true. The men come in all shapes and sizes and the women can hardly resist them. These are our top 8 sizzling hot shifter novels that you didn’t know you needed.

#8 Moon

– Laurann Dohner

Joy is a psychiatrist that will go to any lengths to help Moon. Moon is intense and yummy, and oh so irresistible. Joy tries in vain to ignore the growing attraction to Moon. But once he is no longer her patient, all bets are off. 

#7 Go Fetch

– Shelly Laurenston

With sizzling erotic scenes, witty banter, and plenty of sarcasm, Go Fetch has it all. Miki is unafraid and stubborn as hell. She doesn’t let the pack intimidate her but will she let Conall break her exterior and fall in love?

#6 Dragon Bound

– Thea Harrison

For anyone who has a weakness for shapeshifters, this book is for you. Pia and Dragos are overwhelmingly attracted to each other and their relationship is HOT! And Dragos is willing to go to any lengths for Pia.

#5 Kiss Of Snow

– Nalini Singh

Kiss Of Snow is intoxicating and oh so perfect.

Hawke is strong, muscular, and lethal. He deserves five stars just for himself! There is no denying that Hawke and Sierra were meant to be.

#4 Big Bad Beast

– Shelly Laurenston

The chemistry between Ric and Dee-Ann is electric! They have the hottest scenes that will have you begging for more! And what’s not to love about a breathtaking couple and their story?

#3 Slave To Sensation

– Nalini Singh


The chemistry between Sascha and Lucas breathtaking. *swoon* These two will sacrifice everything for the sensation of each other.

#2 Cry Wolf

– Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs convinces you that werewolves are real in Cry Wolf. Anna brings calm to whoever she encounters, especially to Charles. Anna manages to save his life over and over and falls in love with her more and more.

#1 Night Play

– Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vane needs dating advice. But are Dark Hunters the best source? Their advice is handcuffs 😉 Who wouldn’t want to be handcuffed to a delicious and charming Vane?

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