Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/23/18

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/23/18

Nanny Shifter Service Box Set 1
Sky Winters

Nanny Shifter Service Box Set 1 by [Winters, Sky]There Is a New Nanny Service In Town, 
And It Serves Very Sexy and Discreet Clients!

Book 1: Daddy Dragon
Will Anna’s new Dragon boss protect her when it counts?

Book 2: Daddy Bear
Careful, if you take a job for this Daddy Bear, you might get torn into pieces!

Book 3: Daddy Wolf’s Nanny
This wolf has a ferocious temper, and he wants to hire a nanny!

Book 4: Dragon’s Virgin Nanny
Dixie is no stranger to dangerous men… but can she handle a dangerous dragon shifter?


The Wolf Claims His Fae
Aspen Drake

The Wolf Claims His Fae (Club Yes Master Book 1) by [Drake, Aspen, Coming, Ever]Lily Nobel
Lily was looking for something exciting – something risqué. When she walked into the BDSM club for the first time, she wasn’t looking to find love or a man that would change her life forever. The way the masked man made her feel though left her wanting more. Soon the innocent flower fairy would find herself not only tangled up in his sheets but falling for the werewolf Dom.

Anwell Cadman Moore
Anwell wasn’t the serious type. He loved women and loved being in control, but he wasn’t looking for Ms. Right. That’s why he chose to be a Dom in Greywood’s one and only BDSM club. When a flower fairy entered his domain, he expects great sex. What he didn’t count on was losing himself and losing control. Will his inner wolf change his life forever?


Pick Your Poison
Jeanette Lynn

Pick Your Poison (The Elixir Book 1) by [Lynn, Jeanette]Normal, or not so normal, human Norma Gene is wrangled into attending yet another get-together at her best friend Callie's coven house. This time things are a little bit different for dear old Genie as she arrives to find Callie's decided to shake things up a bit, much to her dismay. With a standoffish, wary telepath, a warlock with a chip on his shoulder, a fire breathing dragoness, a surly vampire with a dour disposition, sultry demoness with a sharp tongue, a grumbling werewolf, and a bubbly witch who doesn't know the meaning of ‘butt out' at the helm to round it out, what could possibly go wrong? Everything and anything, and madness ensues.
Warning: this book contains foul language, blood, stamps, a snorkel, a soup spoon, a plucky yet slightly introverted pizza girl, tons of snark, and a crapload of other stuff.




Emma Edwards

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