Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/24/17

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/24/17

Furever Always
Meredith Clarke

Furever Always (Furever Series) by [Clarke, Meredith, Wolf, Terra]The entire Furever Series in one bundle!

The Furever Series are standalone Shifter Romances, with no cliffhanger, a HEA, and an undeniable love.

Furever Mated
Kurt Donnelly is broken. Losing the love of his life in college caused him to be consumed by rage leading him on a path that made him a bear shifter. Years later after his anger is under control by his bear, all he is left with is sadness and the fear that he will never be able to love again. He needs a vacation, somewhere to take his mind off things. When he meets Scarlett Jones at the Bear Ridge Resort his outlook on love changes. However, her past threatens to keep them apart.

Furever Mine
Cash Andrews is losing control.
His anger is bubbling under the surface and his bear threatens to break free at any moment. Once his Alpha marries his true mate, Cash's bear becomes even more difficult to manage no matter how much liquor he drinks or how many women he sleeps with. When he attacks another member of their clan, Kurt orders him to go to Bear Ridge Resort and return with his own true mate or not return at all. When Cash meets Lani Conway, a bartender at Bear Ridge Resort, everything changes. However, her overbearing boss threatens to ruin their happily ever after.

Furever Yours
Declan O'Shea is being forced to find his mate.
After losing control over his bear and getting into a fight at the local bar, his Alpha, Kurt, orders him to go to Bear Ridge Resort to find his mate. If he doesn't find her, then Kurt tells Declan that he shouldn't come back to the clan. Deep down Declan knows he is starting to lose more control, but he hates being told what to do, especially when it comes to his love life. When Declan meets Blair Wilson at the Bear Ridge Resort, he feels like he finally has found his mate. However, his past love will stop at nothing to ruin Declan's life.

Furever Ours
Reid McAllister has lost everything.
After leaving his high school sweetheart, Aria Smith, to go to the Army, he promised that they would still be together. But once Reid is turned into a bear shifter he decides to push Aria away, believing that is what is best for her. When Reid sees Aria at the Bear Ridge Resort years later old emotions come flooding back. However, will Aria accept Reid after all he has done to her?

A Cemetery, a Cannibal, and the Day of the Dead
CC Dragon

A Cemetery, a Cannibal, and the Day of the Dead: Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mysteries Book 5 (Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery) by [Dragon, CC]

Grave robbers? Dead bodies exposed and pieces removed…
Deanna has seen a lot of wild paranormal and supernatural things in New Orleans—but that.
Who would do that?
Could it be cannibals? Are these hate crimes? Mentally ill criminals? Or is it an elaborate hoax staged by Walking Dead fans?
The Day of the Dead and Halloween are a big deal in the Big Easy. Ghost and cemetery tours mean major business from tons of tourists.
When the monsters turn out to be real and the dead are being disrespected, the supernatural balance is thrown into chaos. It’s up to Deanna and friends to lock down the paranormal crazy before the veil between the living and the dead is destroyed.

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Blood in the Rain
Cecilia Duvalle

These seventeen erotic vampire short stories will transport you into new and exciting vampire realms. Here's a couple of tidbits from the collection:
• A burly, kilted vampire has to decide between losing his lover to old age or by turning him into a vampire.
• When a vampire is murdered, he watches as his wife tries to solve his murder. Can she find the killer before they strike a second time?
• When a vampire hunting detective falls for a vampire, he has to figure out a way to save his career and his love.
• A woman with a magical camera discovers a secret in an old ghost town. Is it real, or is it a trick of the lens?
• When a couple tour the galaxy for their honeymoon, they find their ship blood-sucking guide irresistible. Can they make the threesome work?
Savor each story one bite at a time, or devour the collection whole. This tales are sure to entice and ensnare you, whatever your kink or inclination!

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Paranormal Romance: Daywalker's Stone
Martha Woods

Paranormal Romance: Daywalker's Stone (Second Sight Book 1) by [Woods, Martha]Do you love PNR?

Do you like strong female protagonists?

Alex is a hopeless romantic. It seems she is looking for love in all the wrong places. Welcome, a pack of ravenous vampires who are seeking to find the legendary power of a vampire who is able to walk around in broad daylight.

It almost seems as if fate crosses the paths of Dominic and Alex, as Dominic is drawn by Alex's innocence, creative and rebellious young spirit. But when supernatural powers that are beyond their control start to unleash. They will have to fight of century old prophecies conjured up by a coven of ancient witches.

Will Alex regret searching for love?

Don’t miss the first volume of the Second Sight Series. Grab your copy instantly!


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