Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/3/17

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/3/17

Magic in my Bones
Kellie Sheridan

Magic in my Bones (Lesser Magicks Book 1) by [Sheridan, Kellie]My name is Melanie Sinclair, and as far as anyone knows, I've been dead since the day I was born.

More than twenty years ago, I was smuggled into Ireland to be raised where the magical community would never find me. Two decades of hiding. Two decades of pretending to be less than I am, blending in with the lesser magicks–those whose abilities are of little interest to the beings in power.

My true fate may not remain a secret much longer.

Humanity is getting too close to learning about a world they may not be ready to handle. In order to fight the growing threat of exposure, the supernatural world will be hosting a summit in Galway, in my city, bringing all of the people my family died to protect me from right to my doorstep.

So much for the luck of the Irish.


The Vampire Gift 1: Wards of Night
E.M. Knight

The Vampire Gift 1: Wards of Night by [Knight, E.M.]When 17-year old Eleira wakes up in a strange, unfamiliar room high above the redwoods of California, she has no idea what's waiting for her in the dark.

A trio of hauntingly beautiful vampires with a taste for her blood…

An ancient sanctuary locked away in time…

And a wicked queen determined to do anything to hold on to her rule.

Caught between three vampire brothers and coveted for her bloodline, Eleira is swept into a world of supernatural magic where nothing is as it seems and betrayal lurks behind every corner. She must fight for her survival or risk being made prey for the very creatures who keep her there. But when she discovers a dark, twisted prophecy with her at its center, she is pulled deep into the heart of The Haven… and realizes that the vampires she seeks to escape might just be the key to her salvation.

Aaron: Mating Fever
V. Vaughn

Aaron: Mating Fever (Rocked by the Bear Book 4) by [Vaughn, V.]Olivia Dalton might have a little problem with control. She maintains a perfect GPA, has a flawless wardrobe and can bend people around her to fit her needs – until she meets the guy who throws her off beat with one glance. When the sexy drummer flashes his crooked smile her way, she comes undone at the seams and struggles to regain order. Fate has other ideas, making Olivia question everything she ever knew.

Aaron Lindquist was drawn to the fiery redhead, Olivia the first time he laid eyes on her. Her good girl appearance didn’t fool him for a minute. One touch of her hand was all it took to make sparks fly between them. But as his polar opposite, Olivia refuses to let her animal out.


Only the Beginning
W.J. May

Only the Beginning: Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Fantasy Romance (Prophecy Book 1) by [May, W.J., by Design, Book Cover]Peace comes at a price…

Rebekah and Jamie are happy, but discontent. Sometimes, it feels like everything important has already happened, that the peace their parents fought so hard to bring them is just a strange limbo they can't break out of. They want adventure, they want to make memories of their own. When a pair of new kids show up at their school, it looks like they might finally have their chance.

It isn’t long before the twins open up to the mysterious new strangers. Sharing secrets they thought they’d never tell. Asking questions they never could have imagined.

When a party in the woods leads to near tragedy, they find themselves caught in the middle of a fight they never saw coming. Trapped between two sides and put to the ultimate test.

Will they choose their family? Or their future?

Rogue’s adventure may have come to an end, but the twins is just getting started…


Emma Edwards

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