Your Tuesday Reading List – 11/7/17

Your Tuesday Reading List – 11/7/17

Bad Blood Wolf
Anastasia Wilde

Bad Blood Wolf (Bad Blood Shifters Book 2) by [Wilde, Anastasia]By day, Jasmin Wildacre is an out-of-work chef who spends half her time cooking for her crew, and the other half trying to keep them from killing each other. But by night, she’s the Demon Queen of the Amazon, the star attraction of an illegal cage fighting club. Making her opponents submit, fight after fight, is the only thing that keeps her jaguar from going postal–until the White Tornado walks into her life…

Brody Jameson has too many secrets, and all of them cost money to keep hidden. Cage fighting is the only way he can keep himself afloat, and only as long as he stays undefeated. But when all his winnings are stolen, he has to team up with the Demon Queen to get them back.

It doesn’t take Brody long to find his demon’s softer side, and to fall head over heels for the sexy jaguar. But where Jasmin comes from, the soft are weak, and the weak get crushed. Can Brody’s love pierce the armor around Jasmin’s heart before it’s too late? Or will all his secrets come crashing down around him, and destroy them both?


Selected for the Vampire King
T. S. Ryder

Selected for the Vampire King by [Ryder, T. S.]Love is weakness. Humans are fragile. Can this vampire King resist his heart’s desire?

All Tindra wants is a day off work. And that’s exactly what signing up for the vampire-human matching program gets her. What she didn’t expect is to be chosen by the vampire prince, Thor, which could be a dream come true…

Except she’s more interested in the king…

Vampire King Rollon has been alone for centuries. But when he smells Tindra’s intoxicating scent, he wants to do nothing more than sink his fangs into her, taste her blood… and engage in other forbidden pleasures.

Tindra’s off limits though. She belongs to his son.

Not that it matters. Humans are too fragile to get involved with.

But Thor has a surprise in store…

And an old enemy resurfaces…

Can Rollon keep his dark desires to himself?

Will Tindra survive when she becomes the enemy’s target?

Can there be a future for a human and a vampire king?


Playing with Fire: Fire Witch (Elements of Passion Book 1)
Aria Chase

Playing with Fire: Fire Witch: Elements of Passion Book 1 by [Chase, Aria]When a fire witch engages in a heated battle against a demon, will she find the most dangerous enemy lies within?

Serafina has a hot temper. For normal people, that wouldn’t be a problem. But for an elemental fire witch, a lack of self-control can lead to dangerous—even fatal—situations. In the midst of a basic vengeance spell, she makes a careless mistake, accidentally summoning high-level demon Urobach to do her bidding.

Her only hope in undoing the damage is Liam—the mysterious Guardian of the balance between light and dark magic. Liam is intent on tracking down the demon, but Serafina isn’t ready to reverse her vengeance curse just yet, especially not if it means losing Liam when it’s all over.

But as the days pass, Urobach’s behavior evolves from mischievous to deadly, and even Serafina’s deep desire for Liam can’t outweigh her own guilty conscience. When the supernatural feud escalates to lethal climax, she realizes she has no choice but to put a stop to the chaos—no matter the cost.

Will the sparks flying between Serafina and Liam ignite into full-blown passion? Or will the flames of romance flash and burn out once the magical mission binding them together is complete?

Playing with Fire is a sizzling standalone paranormal magic romance featuring a sassy fire witch, a handsome Guardian angel, and a happily ever after.

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Soul Rebel
C.J. Pinard

Soul Rebel (Rebel Riders Book 1) by [Pinard, C.J.]A vampire took his soul. He wants it back.

When 21-year-old Nolan Bishop meets a seductive redhead at a dark club in downtown Shreveport, little does he know that his soul will be gone as soon as she leaves the club. It doesn’t take Nolan long to realize that Eva Sheridan, the succubus who now invades his dreams, has taken something from him. Through the underground network of the supernatural in New Orleans, he discovers he has seven days to destroy Eva before he turns into a sinister and feral vampire himself.

In a race against all that is holy, Nolan encounters Eva’s identical twin, Charity, who is still very much a human. As he begs for Charity’s help in locating Eva, she realizes that his utmost desire is to kill her sister. Although Eva is a relentless succubus, Charity doesn’t want her sister to die. Now, it’s up to Nolan to determine his own future. While Charity and Nolan grow closer, he struggles with destroying her sister. Can he choose between his humanity and his heart in a mere seven days?

Emma Edwards

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