Your Tuesday Reading List – 12/11/18

Your Tuesday Reading List – 12/11/18

Kissed by a Demon
Hallie Goodway

Kissed by a Demon by [Goodway, Hallie]Demons.
Her dad hates them.
After all, it was demons who killed her mom.

But then, why is she falling in love with one?

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Watcher hasn't been anywhere beyond their house. She is kept locked in by her dad ever since she remembers and she doesn't know why nor her dad offers her any explanation.

When a mysterious death disease breaks out in their small town, Samantha suddenly finds herself being hunted and accused of the cause…

… and only a demon steps out to save her.

Devilishly, sexy, handsome Hanael, with a face that must be carved by God to perfection. When he shows nothing but kindness to her, she realizes there may be more secrets that her dad isn't telling her.

Because demons aren't as bad as her dad wants her to believe… or are they?

Thrust in a new world where demons, vampires, werewolves, and all other magical creatures exist, she learns everything about her life is a lie.

Now, she must find the truth about herself, the cause of the mysterious deaths… And stop her heart from further falling for the sexy demon before it's too late…

Because her dad might be right after all. And demons can't be trusted.

KISSED BY A DEMON is the first book in the Kissed By Series by Hallie Goodway. A YA / NA Paranormal Romance that will keep your heart fluttering with excitement. Full of romance, loveable characters, unexpected twists, and supernatural adventures, this fast-paced book will keep you turning the page until the last.


Rite to Reign
Heather Marie Adkins

Rite to Reign: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Box Set by [Adkins, Heather Marie , Roman, Teresa, King, JJ, Osmand, Candace, Davis, SJ, Mattern, P., Hungerford, Scott, Romkey, Shawna , Krafton, Ash, Ashworth, Christine, Santos, Anna , Winters, Melissa , Myers, Colleen S., Long, Andie M., Singh, Alex H., Ramoth, Sabrina, Ireland, L.C. , Bacio, Louisa, White, Grace , Scott, Helen , Shoemaker, Carma Haley , Hatch, Kyndra , Hogan, Mirren , Barr, Stephanie , Black, E.B., Middaugh, Elle , Parrish, Kat , Dawson, Tanya ]Willful witches, supernatural sorcerers, cruel queens, and powerful priestesses fall out of favor and rise to rule in this highly sought-after collection of spellbinding stories!

More than 20 award-winning and bestselling authors have come together to curate this bewitching boxed set collection of the best PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY books in the genre, each brimming with stories of royal magic.

Journey through worlds of danger and mayhem, where witches and warlocks battle for influence and wizards fight for unrestricted power.

But reader beware: the highly addictive stores in RITE TO REIGN will put you under their spell. One click to secure your limited edition copy today!

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The Viscount's Son
Aderyn Wood

The Viscount's Son (The Viscount's Son Trilogy Book 1) by [Wood, Aderyn]If Dracula and The Da Vinci Code had book babies, this trilogy would be the result…

Emma, book conservator and history buff, begins an anonymous online project – to translate an ancient diary on her blog. As the diary entries become darker and more mysterious, Emma meets a handsome stranger, and her personal life takes on uncanny parallels to her secret online translations. When her love life grows even stranger, Emma wonders if she should end the blog, but is it too late?

NOTE: All three books in this series are heavily discounted. Grab the trilogy now for a fraction of the usual price!




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