Your Tuesday Reading List – 3/13/18

Your Tuesday Reading List – 3/13/18

Feast of Reverence
Kathryn M Hearst

Feast of Reverence (Sinistra Dei Book 1) by [Hearst, Kathryn M.]For centuries, Serena served as an assassin for one of the most influential forces throughout history–the Catholic Church. Lately, the only assassinations she has in mind are her relationship with Nicholai, and his propensity to lose their mortgage money at the poker table. That is until Nicholai's human descendant is murdered, and he's the prime suspect.

As the body count rises, Serena and Nicholai are forced to question everything they believed true and work together, to track down the killer before it's too late.

If you like Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Linsey Hall, or Laurell K Hamilton, you will love the first installment of the Sinistra Die series.

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The Genesis of Evangeline
Rachel Jonas

The Genesis of Evangeline (The Lost Royals Saga Book 1) by [Jonas, Rachel]Wolves. Dragon shifters. A fallen kingdom destined to rise again.

Evie Callahan is positive there's something strange going on in Seaton Falls, her new home. The locals are bigger, stronger, and faster than most. That includes Nick, the boy next door who's become her silver lining in this godforsaken town.

She wants to trust her instincts–about Nick, about what she suspects in Seaton Falls–but rumors of wolves and dragon shifters makes it hard to tell what's real. With a history of odd dreams and the nagging sense that she's never belonged, Evie fears she's losing touch with reality. Her concern only grows when someone who's haunted these dreams is suddenly tangible … and claims to hold the key to unlocking her true identity.

Finding out her entire life has been a lie is scary enough, but what's downright terrifying is discovering who she's destined to become.

Evie's much more than your average, seventeen-year-old girl.

And this is her genesis.


Storm Shift
Calinda B

Storm Shift (The Charming Shifter Mysteries Book 1) by [B, Calinda]In Book 1 in the Charming Shifter Mysteries Anthology, Books 1 – 3, the #1 Most Wished for Horror Anthology, New York Times Bestselling author Calinda B starts the wild adventure that will keep you wanting more.
Your power–it’s in the blood.
Those were the words her grandfather said to her from wherever the dead reside. Now it’s up to her to find out what that really means.

Her grandparents were found dead in the lake. Boating accident? Not likely. Newly elected town manager Chia Petit is determined to find out who murdered her beloved granddad and grandma.

Her new position requires her to see to the needs of the people, including the shifters, of Charming, Alaska. When a shifter turns up dead, shot by a mysterious hunter, her determination to find the murderer grows.

There are not too many men to choose from in Charming, Alaska. Can the sexy, insane bounty hunter who wants revenge for the death of his niece, winnow his way into her heart?

Too many mysteries and not enough time to solve them.
Chia’s got her hands full as she tries to set things right in the prequel to the Charming Shifter Mysteries, Storm Shift.


Immortal Blood
Elena Bryce

Immortal Blood (Guardians of the Grail Book 1) by [Bryce, Elena]Protect the Grail, battle the hunters, don't fall for the bad boy vampire.

When new witch Ivy is asked to help secure the Holy Grail she has no idea how dangerous it will get. Especially as she is aiding a hot immortal who has a history with the women in her family line. But it's not just her heart and her life at stake, if the Grail falls into the wrong hands then all humanity could succumb to darkness.

Lachlan Thorn would rather work alone. Unfortunately, his latest mission requires magical assistance and the only option is Ivy, a feisty young witch whose ability to distract him might prove fatal for them both.

With a horde of enemies literally snapping at their necks, they embark on a quest to the mists of Scotland. But as passion and peril collide, Ivy is forced back in time, where she connects with Lachlan in the past and discovers the truth about their bond. While Lachlan is tested with an impossible choice. Can he stay resolute in his duty to the Grail even if it means losing the only woman he’s ever truly loved?

Fast paced fantasy with bite.


Emma Edwards

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