Your Tuesday Reading List – 3/27/18

Your Tuesday Reading List – 3/27/18

Wild Irish Rebel
Tricia O'Malley

Wild Irish Rebel (The Mystic Cove Series Book 4) by [O'Malley, Tricia]With over 650 five star reviews on Goodreads comes a mystical romance from a New York Times bestseller.

Morgan McKenzie has been on her own since she ran away from a nightmarish foster home at the age of sixteen. Afraid to put down roots again only to be hurt once more, Morgan prefers to be constantly on the move. Until she is inexplicably pulled to the small Irish town of Grace's Cove. Determined to keep her walls up to protect both her heart and the touch of magick she carries, Morgan rebels against her feelings for the town's golden boy, Patrick, as she is swept into a battle against her own worst demons.

Part of the Mystic Cove Series but this stand alone novel can be read independently.

Book 1 ‘Wild Irish Heart' is permanently free and can be downloaded from your favorite ebook vendor.

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In Cold Blood (Forrest Albu, Vampire Hunter Book 1)
Willow Rose

In Cold Blood (Forrest Albu, Vampire Hunter Book 1) by [Rose, Willow]A boarding school steeped in tradition.

A killer cloaked in darkness.

A campus soaked in blood.

For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. He’s spent centuries concealing his fangs and exposing those of his kind who surrender to their thirst for blood. When a dead girl’s severed organs are found strung from a tree, Forrest fears that French Revolution-era savagery is making a comeback…

Sara Damsgaard is in debt, newly widowed, and desperate to provide for her young sister. Her new position as a boarding school headmistress seems like the perfect fresh start… if it weren't for the brutal attacks sweeping through the student body.

To save the school, Forrest and Damsgaard must team up and catch the killer. When the trail of clues takes an unexpected turn, they come face-to-face with a sinister school tradition with the power to call forth a new reign of terror…

In Cold Blood is the harrowing first book in the Agent Forrest supernatural horror series. If you like disturbing mysteries, terrifying vampires, and hardboiled detectives, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s bloody whodunit.
Buy In Cold Blood today to indulge in a dark mystery that will chill you to the bone.

Talon (Rise of the Pride, Book 1)
Theresa Hissong

Talon (Rise of the Pride, Book 1) by [Hissong, Theresa]My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers. My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date! Panthers don’t date…we mate.
Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom.
That ransom is me.
I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herself in my place. When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them both home. My Guardians and I hunt to find my mate, save my pride, and deal out justice for those my enemy has harmed.
That is…if I’m not too late to save them both.

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Bound By Blood
Cynthia Eden

Bound By Blood (Bound - Vampire & Werewolf Romance Book 1) by [Eden, Cynthia]New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden invites readers to get “Bound” with her sexy paranormal romance series…

Vampires and werewolves have been blood enemies for centuries, but now a new threat is rising…demons are escaping from hell and those demons are intent on wiping out both the vamps and the werewolves.

In order to stop the demons, pureblood vampire princess Morgan LaBeaux agrees to the treaty offered by werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn. She'll mate with him, share her blood with him…and in return, the wolves will aid the vampires in this battle.

But Morgan doesn’t realize just how dangerous the wolves can truly be. Jace has been waiting years to claim her. He’s set a trap for his princess, and now that he has her, Jace doesn’t plan to let her go. He’ll send the demons back to hell, and he’ll keep his vampiress—forever.

Author's Note: This story contains one hot alpha werewolf, sexy times, and intense action.


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