Your Tuesday Reading List – 7/17/18

Your Tuesday Reading List – 7/17/18

Mated to the Fire Dragon
Zoe Chant

Mated to the Fire Dragon (Elemental Mates Book 4) by [Chant, Zoe]A powerful fire dragon. A human prisoner.

True mates always save each other…

War is threatening the dragon world – and curvy human journalist Alyx finds herself caught in the crossfire. Imprisoned by hostile fire dragons, she takes a million-to-one chance at escape… Only to run straight into the arms of another fire dragon. One who’s frustratingly handsome and charming. But can she trust a dragon shifter to save her?

Braeden, a powerful elemental dragon, has been sent deep into the underground fire dragon lair to put an end to their leader. What he finds instead is a gorgeous, brave woman who’s fed up with dragons. Braeden knows immediately that she’s his mate – but how can she love him after his own people imprisoned her?

More than their lives are at stake when the terrible power behind the fire dragons’ crusade is finally revealed. As Fire and Darkness go face to face, the love of a human woman for her fire dragon is the only thing left that can change the fate of the world…


Mate’s Call (Code of the Alpha)
Lola Gabriel

Mate's Call (Code of the Alpha) by [Gabriel, Lola]When Quinn Perkins and her mother moved to the sleepy mountain town of Jackson, Wyoming, she never thought that anything interesting would happen.


Now, seven years later she meets the mysterious, and somewhat rude River Wylde, who seems to avoid her at all costs.

River, the Alpha of his pack is dumbfounded when he imprints on a human, but refuses to talk to her, even though every single cell in his body gravitates towards her. Due to past experiences, he is well aware that it will only end badly.

When Quinn is followed by two men one night, River comes to her rescue and she starts to see a whole other side of River. Quinn and River soon realize that her life may be in danger as old wounds are reopened and River will have to stop at nothing to keep Quinn safe, even if she’s just a human.


The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1)
Cynthia A. Morgan

The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1) by [Morgan, Cynthia A.]The Reviled has absolutely everything you could want from an epic fantasy adventure. – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

From a young age, Ayla has known her gifts of telepathy and healing. Dedicated to become a Guardian of Childfey, she has spent her young years in the Temple, studying magic and ancient rites.

There, she also learns about the mortal enemy of all Fey of the Light: the Reviled.

Gairynzvl is a Fey of the Light, abducted by the Reviled when he was young. Now, fifteen years later, he is a Dark One: lurking in the shadows, lingering near Ayla.

After Gairynzvl commits treason against his own kind, Ayla listens to him when no others will – and the conflict that unfolds will change their world forever.


Blood and Ashes
Marilyn Peake

Blood and Ashes: A Paranormal Romance Novel by [Peake, Marilyn]Blood holds the power to both heal and destroy. The fingertips of a blood witch hold enough power to heal or destroy the entire world.

Kaelin discovers that she has incredible power at her fingertips: the power of blood magic. She’s capable of both healing and destroying. A few drops of her blood bring an abandoned baby back from the dead.

As she struggles with her newfound power, Kaelin meets an alluring stranger with eyes unlike any Kaelin has ever seen. She finds his blue eyes with a ring of lilac around the pupils absolutely mesmerizing. However, he may have entered her life with more than a romantic relationship in mind.

Stepping through a door in a decaying factory, Kaelin falls through a portal into a frightening world. There, a sickly woman with coal-black eyes rimmed in emerald green confronts her. She demands the return of “the child” and threatens consequences if her order is not obeyed.

As Kaelin hides the abandoned baby from the authorities and runs from those who threaten her, she relies on the man with whom she’s fallen deeply in love to save her. The question remains: Is he there to help her or betray her?

In the Land of Faerie, the Unseelie are dying from the spread of a fatal disease. Only the child with special blood can save them.


Emma Edwards

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