Vampire Books: Shocking Reasons They Might Really Suck

Regarding books, there are so many different tastes and preferences that you can be easily intimidated just by seeing the massive book selections in a bookstore or library. Going for a book series is seemingly an easy way out; If you like the books, you will have an extraordinary desire to see what happens next. Vampire book series did not become popular on their own. The development of the storyline in addition to the haunting, enchanting and intense plot with the characters made them well worth reading.
Once you get addicted to these books about vampires, it’s hard to put the series down and get back to the real world.  Vampire books have been haunting us since the 18th century and are still all the rage. Maybe it’s our fascination with the paranormal, maybe it’s the enigma and sensuality that makes vampire books so popular. The stretch of the imagination just seems to be getting better and better with each generation.  It’s not surprising that vampires of today are seen as trendy, and less creepy, and a lot more hunky.

Here’s the complicated part; the vampire books series niche, especially in the young adult market, have diversified, or shape –shifted if you will into more forms and styles than anyone ever imagined. From the classical Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the shimmering vampires of Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight, to the vampire brothers and warriors of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood who are born rather than made, the genre has become so vast it can be intimidating in itself. You really have to know what it is you are into before deciding to spend money on a book that you’ll end up hating.

Still… We love these types of books. I love vampire books because for me they create an alternate reality. Everyone knows that vampires are fictional, but some of the vampire book series have been so well written that the vampires actually come to life. Readers get completely lost in the vampire world. Vampire books have made a way for vampire lifestyles in the middle of people who are so engrossed in their own lifestyles. They have very efficiently and effectively created a world where the unexplained and mystery have become incredibly real. These books are capable of stirring the  imagination and are a purely adventure filled experience for most of the readers.  Tread carefully, and you will never end up wasting money on a book that sucks.

I Love Vampire Novels

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