A Vampyre Tale Series by author Wayne Mallows

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What inspired you to write Whitechapel Road?

Whitechapel Road – a vampyre tale was born from a very personal viewpoint.

I had starting telling the tale of Aremis Eilbeck, (the main character), sometime in the early 90’s when I needed to create a believable character for a home grown business called Scream Works, a haunted house complete with grounds, for Halloween. This took off and I quickly expanded that idea into a web based business called Scareyman Productions, the main character being that of a vampire.

It was over the following ten years that I polished this character into such a believable creation that I thought it would make a wonderful book.

I had worked on this project for a little over 3 years. In that time I not only wrote the fiction that I had created but I had also researched the murders committed by Jack the Ripper. I have gone over police reports, spent many a night reading the over 300 letters alleged to have been written by the serial killer so that I would have a better understanding of what was taking place in Whitechapel during the autumn of 1888. There was, and still is, much controversy over the cases and the handling of them, and to be frank, I found much of the evidence easily pointing towards the killer being from the realm of the supernatural, the papers of the day originally referring to the killer as The Whitechapel Vampire before authorities “politely” told them to cease with the use of that name. The media refrained and took up the name, The Fiend of Whitechapel before the killer himself coined the name, Jack the Ripper. It wasn’t much of a stretch for me to then have that person actually be a vampire.

We understand you have some “interesting cars”. Tell us about them.

Yes I currently own and maintain two vintage Cadillac S&S funeral coaches which I drive daily in the summer months. My 1965 is black all original including the paint and is a real beauty. My 1979 is more of my hot-rod-ride and is silver and customized with 33 vampire bats flying out from the front. Each bat is airbrushed and unique. You can find several photos of both of the cars in various places on my website.

You have other interests as well. Tell us about the Ghost Walks.

I’m involved with a number of ghost walks in and around the area I live in, the main one being The Ghost Walks of St Catharines. On these walks around the city, I am your host and give you not only the history of the streets and buildings but also the haunted background of those same places.

Everything I am involved in I come to with a passion and deep desire to give all I can give to make whatever it is I’m working on be the best it can possibly be. Whether that be a talk on ghosts at a ghost walk or applying make-up for a high school play.

We understand you also own and live in a haunted house. That must be interesting.

I didn’t set out to buy a haunted house. I wanted a Victorian house. Victorian houses are hard to find. They are a lot of money and I’m broke so it was a difficult thing to acquire.  This place was one of those things that had to be because it wasn’t even advertised.

I consider my home to be “pleasantly haunted” as the spirits that reside here with us are members of the original family that built the home and we cohabitate with them well.

Hear more about the house and how we came to own it. Watch the whole interview here.

Do you do book signings and events, Wayne?

Yes I was just at Niagara Falls Comic Con in the beginning of June and the next event is ScareFest on July 27th in Richmond Hill, Ontario which is the north side Toronto.  I will also be interviewed on Thresholds Radio on Tuesday July 16th. All events and radio interviews etc. are posted on my website. You can find out more details about them here.


Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers? 

Thank you for your time and you can see pictures of my home, the cars, interviews or photos of myself at various events on my website or Facebook page. Thank you so much for taking the time and good luck to those entering to win one of the three signed and personalized copies of Whitechapel Road; A Vampyre Tale. I do hope you will stop over and join me on Facebook.

Wayne ^V^



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