Your Wednesday Reading List – 11/2/16

Twice Upon a Time

by Hope Irving


Twice Upon A Time (The Black Angel Book Series 1) by [Irving, Hope]Reg. Price: 3.99

Once upon a time, I was Morgann, a 9th century Irish calligrapher-monk.

Deirdre was my assignment, my forbidden love, a witch with whom I wrote a coveted book.

Unfortunately, our story didn't get a chance to become a fairytale, it turned out as a famous urban legend referred as The Black Angel Book.

In order to protect the book from getting in to the wrong hands, Deirdre cast a spell. One where I remember and she forgets. Under her spell, our souls travel from body to body until we find each other again. Eventually.

My quest is to find Deirdre, in whatever body her soul inhabits and trigger her memory. Only, the woman I find 1200 years later is not what I was expecting.

Rose is not my type but my soul yearns for her. Every sign tells me that she is my Deirdre. How do I convince this broken, quiet and unbelieving woman that she is my twice upon a time?


 Carnal Moon: A Club Moon novel

by Hall Jones


Carnal Moon: A Club Moon Novel (The Club Moon Series Book 1) by [Jones, Hall]Nick Santos begrudgingly accepts his vampirism, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys it. Part-owner at Club Moon, a fetish club for vampires, he makes the most of eternity. However, a chance meeting with the blushing Gwen Waters turns his world upside down. Her enchanting smile hides a sharp intelligence that leaves him craving more than her blood. But how can she love a man who hates who he is?
Gwen prefers tranquil nights and running her shop, free from a life beneath a domineering man. When she meets Nick, he draws out her inner desires and reveals a world she never imagined. Does she possess the strength to overcome the trials of her past and live for the present?
When a rival vampire sees an opportunity for revenge, a deadly game ensues with Gwen at its heart. Can Nick protect the only woman he craves? Or will she become a casualty in a battle that can only end in blood?
Together, Nick and Gwen learn the true depths of desire, and that love comes from the most unconventional of places.


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To Love A Dragon

by Natalie Kristen


To Love A Dragon: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (Weredragon Warriors Book 3) by [Kristen, Natalie]Kate Donovan is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and forget the hurt and betrayal she suffered. Walking into a Blazing Beans cafe one night, she meets a handsome, sexy barista with a wicked sense of humor. He makes a perfect latte art dragon for her and smugly tells her it's a self-portrait. What's a girl to make of that?

When Zul Taerran sees Kate in his cafe, he recognizes at once the wounded, broken look in her eyes. He gives himself a mission. To make her smile.
But his dragon has other ideas. His fiery, red-blooded beast wants to make her his.
Zul wants Kate more than his next breath, but there are things she needs to know about him. First, he isn't just a barista, he is the Managing Director of Blazing Beans. Secondly and more importantly, he is a weredragon warrior, royal guard to the last dragon king of Draca.

Fatally wounded during a vicious attack, Zul realizes that time is running out for him. He has sworn to protect his king, his people and…his mate, and he is determined not to let them down.
Zul will fight to the end, but can he win this final fight?




by May Sage


Cinderella: A modern adult fairy tale. (Not quite the fairy tale Book 1) by [Sage, May]The King needs an heir and that means finding some sort of woman to do the job.
“That's all it's about, ultimately: basic, carnal compatibility in order to satisfy this need. For that reason, the pictures I request of those who wish to apply are explicit. The full prerequisites are attached to the correspondence. If you aren't comfortable with these demands, don't bother applying.”
Ella applies, seeing straight through the bullshit; she goes as far as to derisively add a set of pictures fitting the requirements the letter demands:
A picture of her “pussy” – a fat, indolent Persian – and of her in her nightwear – yoga pants and a hoodie.
In lieu of an introduction, her message reads:
« Dear Daniel Franko Phillipe Del Luz,
I've applied to guarantee that I'm not summoned to your little orgy.
Fuck you. We aren't all stupid.
Ella. »
It was supposed to go through an automated system;
She didn't expect anyone to read it…
Let alone the King.


New Order : Hidden Vampire Slayer

by H.J.Lawson


New Order: Urban Fantasy (Hidden Vampire Slayer Book 1) by [Lawson, H.J.]They were born to fight.
Created to win.
But the question remains…
Who's the real enemy?

When Sadie heads out for the night, she hardly expects to witness a murder–much less a murder committed by a dangerous vampire with a thirst for vengeance and destruction. Within a few hours, Sadie and her boyfriend Aaron are pulled into a violent vampire world. Searching for a way to survive, they know they must fight, but this might be a battle they just can't win.



Dreamthief, Fairy World MD, Book One

by Tamara Grantham


Dreamthief (Fairy World MD Book 1) by [Grantham, Tamara]Visiting Faythander is a nasty business. Forget the fairies and unicorns, most people return with amnesia and mental disorders. Olive Kennedy knows. She's the therapist who treats patients suffering from Fairy World's side effects.

Traveling back to Faythander wasn't on Olive's to-do list. But if she wants to save her godson from an ancient being called the Dreamthief, she has no choice. To complicate matters, she may be losing her heart to a half-crazed Viking warlord. Saving the world, she can handle. But falling in love with Thor the Skullsplitter may be a problem.

As if battling the forces of evil wasn’t complicated enough…


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