Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/26/18

Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/26/18

The Tarot Witches Complete Collection
SM Reine

The Tarot Witches Complete Collection: Caged Wolf, Forbidden Witches, Winter Court, and Summer Court by [Reine, SM]There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it brooks a warning: fix your life and earn power beyond imagining or lose everything you care about. Werewolves are drawn to the scent of these tarot witches, driven to bond and protect them. The desire to mate cannot be conquered. And entire packs will rise and fall for the love of the tarot witches…

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Soulless at Sunset
(Last Witch Standing, Book 1)
Deanna Chase

Soulless at Sunset (Last Witch Standing Book 1) by [Chase, Deanna]Trouble is brewing in New Orleans. Shifters are moving in and vampires are being picked off in record numbers. And vampire hunter Phoebe Kilsen, a witch, is right in the middle of the war.
When Phoebe’s best friend goes missing along with the consort of the most powerful vampire in New Orleans, Phoebe betrays her heart and her shifter partner by teaming up with the one vampire she’s never trusted. They say all is fair in love and war, but Phoebe is putting it all on the line and she’s not at all sure she’ll make it out alive.

Tidal Magic: A Tabula Rasa Book 1
Janelle Peel

Tidal Magic: A Tabula Rasa Book 1 by [Peel, Janelle]Riva is the firstborn Princess of the Atlantic. Her strange powers must be hidden at all costs and are a constant reminder of how different she is from her own people.
An arranged marriage looms on the horizon. Struggling to come to grips with her new reality, Riva is left with no choice.
She must escape.
Her journey leads her to a faraway place filled with magic and peril. Tabula Rasa is a city where all are welcome. A chance encounter with a Shifter Fae leaves her reeling.
Perhaps she isn’t so alone after all.

This series changes POV’s and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Emma Edwards

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