Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/28/18

Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/28/18

Hot Shifter Nights: Shifters in Love Romance Collection
Harmony Raines, Alisa Woods, Julia Mills, Liv Brywood, Jacqueline Sweet, J.K. Harper, Jovee Winters, Isadora Montrose

Hot Shifter Nights: Shifters in Love Romance Collection by [Raines, Harmony, Woods, Alisa, Mills, Julia, Brywood, Liv, Sweet, Jacqueline, Harper, J.K., Winters, Jovee, Montrose, Isadora, Love, Shifters In]Shifters in Love brings you 8 brand new shifter romance stories to heat up your cold winter nights in our February Box Set edition. Curl up on the couch and let us take you on an emotional journey of love.


Baker Bear
Scarlett Grove

Baker Bear (Small Town Bear Shifter Mystery Romance) (Fate Valley Mysteries Book 5) by [Grove, Scarlett]Baker Bear, Grayson Baxter, is taking part in a baking reality show. But someone is hunting his mate Donika. Someone who wants to stop her from talking.
Before they can start a life together, that's as sweet as his cakes, they'll have to find out who's responsible. Can Grayson win the contest, keep his mate safe, and solve the case?


Mr. Sandman
Lyle Howard

Mr. Sandman: A Thrilling Novel by [Howard, Lyle]An epic adventure in a life-long pursuit of the truth.
What is the mystery that Lance Cutter’s DNA is hiding? Whatever the secret is, they had it, they lost it, and now they will do anything to get it back…

Time is running out.

Lance Cutter is born out of a horrific experiment by a deranged scientist. Presumed dead in an explosion at birth, Lance and his mother create a quiet, normal life. But what is normal for others is not so for Lance. He is faster, smarter and more agile than other children. When Lance and his mother go to Washington seeking answers, they are greeted by deadly force.

Barely escaping the clutches of government agents, the plane they are traveling on crashes into the icy Potomac river. Thought dead for the second time in his life, Lance grows up and finds a quiet, secluded existence working as an arson investigator in Florida. But when innocent people begin to spontaneously combust, Lance must use all of his extraordinary talents to stop the deranged killer.

Cutter now finds himself front page news. It’s these headlines that will finally bring him face to face with the truth about his birthright and put him in a life and death struggle to survive.


Lyric's Accidental Mate
Elle Boon

Lyric's Accidental Mate (Iron Wolves MC 1 ~ Bite of the Moon) by [Boon, Elle]Lyric’s Accidental Mate ~Bite Of The Moon~
Iron Wolves MC Book 1

A tough as nails soldier and a bad girl on a motorcycle with a bite…when they collide, everything changes.

Lyric Carmichael is a shifter in trouble. When a pack of rogue wolves attacks her, she knows she will have to fight for her life. Being a member of the Iron Wolves MC and a wolf shifter, she’s used to fighting, with the odds stacked against her, she’s not sure she’ll make it out alive.
Rowan Shade, a member of the Special Forces has fought many battles, so wading into the fight to save a gorgeous woman is second nature. Being bitten by Lyric in order to save him from a fate worse than death, and finding out there are supernatural beings, is one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He just hopes they live long enough to explore more of this new and wild world.
As Rowan and Lyric explore their new relationship, the danger to the pack intensifies. When they find out one of their own has betrayed them, the strength of the entire MC is needed in order for them all to survive the upcoming battle.


Emma Edwards

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