Your Wednesday Reading List – 3/23/16

The Soft Edge of Midnight

by Stella and Audra Price


Karsten Morris is different. As a member of The Agency he’s one of their most successful operatives, always claming its luck that brings him through.  It’s true enough, as a stallion unicorn in full control of his powers, luck is the least of what he’s got going for himself. An old race from The Glimmer, he’s been cut off from his realm and has lost all hope of ever going home, or finding a mate, an elusive and possibly extinct mare unicorn.

Illori Swain is starting a new life. After a horrific ordeal in Africa, being the personal good luck charm for a rogue Fallen Angel, she’s determined to put the past behind her and start over, even forget about her own nature if needed. As the last female unicorn left in the worlds, shes resigned herself to the fate her sisters choose. Until one fateful day in Glasgow.

Karsten recognizes the mate he thought he’d never find and Illori hopes for a future with foals and love. But nothing is ever cut and dry.

Sammael, a Fallen Angel and hunter for Lucifer, is charged with finding and dispensing with the Mare unicorn. Lucifer isn’t so forgiving these days, and Sammael is already on thin ice, but when the hunter finds out there’s some competition coming from the bowels of hell, his plans have to change.

Nybras, Devil of the Maze and Keeper of the Pleasures of Hell is unsatisfied with his role in the mess of things below. When he hears of the new mission Sam is charged with, he takes action.

When Nybras gets his hands on Illori, Karsten and Sammael have to create an uneasy partnership in order to save the girl and neutralize the threat to their respective ways of life. It won’t be easy, but when is
anything ever worth it easy?


Alpha Fever Boxed Set


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Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks – Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis Pierce – Abi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade – Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley – Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport




by Eva Truesdale


After the mysterious death of her father, Alex thought life couldn't get much worse. Then comes the werewolf attack, the blue-eyed boy with a dark and dubious past, and the ancient, magical pact that's tied to her family's bloodline. So apparently she was wrong. Things can *definitely* get worse…


Dark Heart Coven

by C S Valentine


Homicide Detective Katherine Shepard has a bad past, a worse temper, and a relentless pursuit of justice. But the supernatural killer she’s tracking now will never see a courtroom, and “Shep” will do just about anything to see he gets what’s coming.

Devon Hamilton is a wealthy, innovative business leader, a generous philanthropist — and the leader of a powerful coven of witches, responsible for guarding the seal, an energy spell that keeps the gates of Hell closed and prevents demons from overrunning the earth.

When the seal gets locked inside Shep, Devon offers her a new life and the chance to get the justice she seeks, for a price.

As Katherine charges headlong into a world of witches and magic, darkness and desire, secrets and lies — and the demons get closer to finding her and the seal — the price she pays for justice could cost her everything.

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Darkness Awakened

by Stephanie Rowe


Reg. Price: 3.99

From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe comes a sensual, dangerous story about loyalty, love, and betrayal. Immortal warrior has forty-eight hours to save his blood brother from certain death, and his only chance to prevail is to team up with a stubborn, sensual woman on a desperate mission of her own.


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Ward of the Vampire

by Kallysten


First part out of 5. The installments of this serial are available individually as well as collected in one ebook. It’s THE party of the season. Socialites, artists and A-list stars have been invited to Morgan Ward’s birthday bash, including Angelina’s boss, Delilah. For months, Angelina has been looking at the preparations from afar, but never did she imagine that, come the day, Miss Delilah would put her in a gorgeous gown and bring her along as her ‘plus one.’ Wandering from crowded room to crowded room in the sumptuous mansion, Angelina grows overwhelmed and escapes onto a balcony, only to find it occupied by her host. That first meeting leaves her struggling for her very life, but she soon gets an unexpected do-over.Meeting Morgan Ward for the first time all over again, Angelina finds herself falling into his arms… But is it all only a fantasy? (17.000 words) PLEASE NOTE – This book is available here for free every 1st day of the month. ALSO NOTE – This book is the first installment of the Ward of the Vampire serial. As such it ends in a cliffhanger. This serial has five installments, totaling over 160.000 words / about 450 pages.


Emma Edwards

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