Your Wednesday Reading List – 4/25/18

Your Wednesday Reading List – 4/25/18

Vampire's Quest
Alexa Dare

Vampire's Quest (Knight Fever Book 1) by [Dare, Alexa]A vampire’s quest leads him to his greatest challenge, a defiant traveling Appalachian nurse targeted for her supernatural healing abilities. In the middle of his final mission, Ryderholt Judson’s desire for the sexy healer burns deep and fierce. Yet, as his duty to the Dark Knights comes to an end, the last person he wants anything to do with, despite a centuries-old prophecy, is a potential fated mate.

Hidden away in the Appalachian mountains, Jess Willowbrook shares her supernatural abilities. No time for romance, she struggles to stay under the radar as the news of her success in healing supposed untreatable illnesses spreads. Danger on her heels, she encounters an injured man whose true nature defies reality.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder to battle the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community in Vampire’s Quest


Truth Seeker
Cecilia Dominic

After a dare goes wrong, Philippe Ormandie finds himself the mouse in a metaphysical chase that takes him far from home. It isn’t until he finally confronts the redhead stalking him that he discovers he’s in more danger than he ever dreamed possible.  

When Truth-Seeker, Margaret of Cornwall, catches up to Philippe in San Antonio she whisks him away to what she hopes is a safe place. Unfortunately, the builders of the tunnels won’t be foiled so easily, and she finds herself hunted, as well. Betrayal and old family drama follow Maggie and Philippe no matter where they land, forcing Philippe into rash action.  

Maggie needs all the help she can get as time grows short for Philippe and the battle ends up being not only for control of the tunnels, but for Philippe’s soul. In the end, the ultimate question is not how Maggie will recover, but who will pay the price.

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Scarred Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 7)
Brenda Trim & Tami Julka

Scarred Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 7) by [Trim, Brenda, Julka, Tami]Being a Dark Warrior and protecting others has been the only focus in Gerrick Haele’s life for centuries, until he receives the shock of his life when one of the females he rescues from the archdemon’s clutches ignites an arousal that hints at her being his Fated Mate. Problem is, Gerrick’s Fated Mate was murdered four hundred years earlier and you are only ever given one mate in a lifetime. Questions of Dark magic and deception carry him down a path involving time travel, serums and fights to the death. Can he set aside his doubt and be the male Shae needs him to be, or will his past come back to haunt him and history repeat itself?

Shae Mitchell has spent the last seven months being tormented, raped and tortured by vile archdemons and just wants her suffering to end. She is on the verge of giving up completely when Gerrick sweeps in to rescue her. Her relief at being liberated is short-lived when she realizes the demons have sunk their claws far deeper than the scars on her neck. As she fights to rid her mind of the archdemon’s influence, she discovers that the explosive heat she shares with the sexy Dark Warrior threatens to consume her whole.


Skin & Bones
Susan Harris

Skin & Bones (The Ever Chace Chronicles Book 1) by [Harris, Susan]2017 RONE award nominee for best paranormal romance!

Being human in a world filled with supernatural creatures can give a girl a complex. Dr. Ever Chace wants nothing more than to be able to stand out in this crazy place she calls home. When she’s asked to consult on a case where teens are being brutalized, she relishes the chance to make a difference by helping to stop a monster. But when she’s teamed up to work alongside a sexy shifter, she ends up with more than she bargained for.
Derek Doyle has been a member of the Paranormal Investigations Team since the monsters first revealed themselves to the world. Considering he believes it takes a monster to catch a monster, he’s definitely in the right place. As a lone wolf not used to letting many people in, he isn’t prepared for the effect his new partner, consultant Dr. Ever Chace, has on him.
With a murderer on the loose, Ever and Derek will have to put their attraction aside while the hunt continues. Easier said than done… right?


Emma Edwards

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