Your Wednesday Reading List – 6/29/16

Chaos Rises

by Pippa DaCosta


When the veil fell, any half-bloods not strong enough to withstand Chaos were torn apart. Some, like me and my brother, survived the Fall. Most did not.

That's the good news. The bad news saw a whole other world try and devour ours. Demons, we call them. They came in countless waves. Destroying. Killing. Many people thought it was the end…

The Fall lasted a week.

Tens of thousands died.

Hell almost claimed our world as its own.

And then, from one day to the next, it was over. The veil came back, stronger than ever. I'm not sure if anyone knows how it was put right. But I do know it's been six months since the Fall, me and my brother are on the run, and the leftover demons aren't the most dangerous things in LA.

We are.


This heart-pounding new urban fantasy series promises to bring a heady blend of action, suspense, and a hint of romance to the demon-torn streets of Los Angeles.

“Pippa DaCosta never fails to BRING IT with every book.”
“One of my all time favorite urban fantasy authors.”
“If (Chaos Rises) is even half as good as the Veil Series it’s going to be AWESOME.”
*Goodreads reviewers.



 Plague Cult

by Jenny Schwartz


Reg. Price: $2.99

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.

Ruth Warner is estranged from her family. She loves them, but her magic makes her an outsider in Bideer, Texas. Ruth has built a new life in New York. She’s a healer at the Collegium, respected and…lonely. Sometimes, you have to go home.

Ruth’s boss orders her to Bideer after a local coroner reports a suspicious death. Could the new cult in town, a lonely hearts club, be playing reckless games with a death curse?

But if Ruth is going home, she’s not going alone.

Shawn Jackson is a Collegium guardian, a mage trained to fight evil. He’s also a man accustomed to keeping secrets. He’s a hollerider, a huntsman; one of those who birthed the legend of the Wild Hunt. When he unleashes his magic, terror rides with him.

As evil stalks an innocent town, the dedicated healer and battle-hardened marine must heal their own broken hearts to prevent a devastating plague.

Warning: “Plague Cult” includes a haunted house, an unconventional ghost, and a home renovation love story.

If you love your paranormal romance fast-paced, intense and chilling, “Plague Cult” is irresistible.


Ensnared: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

by Rebecca Rivard


Reg. Price: $2.99

Welcome to the shadow world of vampire blood courtesans.
Where vampires are real, and one wants me–bad.
I'm working as a cocktail waitress in a shady club when my boss accuses me of stealing a hundred thousand dollars. There's no way I can pay him back. But if I don't, I'm dead.

Then rich, powerful French vampire Remy de la Lune steps up to pay off my debt. Now I owe him instead–one of the oldest and most dangerous vampires in the world.

Become my blood courtesan, Remy says. One month, and then I'm free. He'll even pay me a bonus–if I satisfy him.

What can I do? I sign the contract.

Now I'm Remy's for one month. Ensnared by a ruthless vampire count.

My body and my blood are his. I just have to be careful he doesn't steal my heart as well.

THE VAMPIRE BLOOD COURTESANS: It's not supposed to be about love…until it is.


An Alpha's Thunder
by Sloane Meyers

Artist Caroline Hall lives a happily secluded life. She hates the spotlight, and only ventures out into public when an art show requires her to make an appearance. She shuns love, worrying that her status as a well-known artist would turn any relationship she decided to pursue into a front page headline for the local paper. So when a gorgeous man who looks just like her dream boyfriend walks into one of her art shows, she manages to push away any thoughts of dating him. But despite her resolve to remain alone, he keeps popping back into her life unexpectedly. And when his startling secret offers her the possibility of a new life, she’s left wondering if it’s time to take a chance on love.

Panda shifter Lance Bowman has a lot on his mind. With a demanding job as part of a Coast Guard rescue team, and an ever-present threat from an enemy who wants to kill off all bear shifters, he doesn’t have much time to worry about romance. But the beautiful Caroline Hall keeps crossing his path, and his bear keeps insisting that he’s meant to be with her. He decides to make time for love, but Caroline isn’t impressed by his advances. Just when he’s ready to give up on her, though, a surprising turn of events gives him one last shot at winning her heart. But first, he’ll have to convince her that he’s worth shaking up the comfortable life she’s been living.

Will Caroline be brave enough to follow Lance into a new life, leaving behind everything familiar to her? And can Lance convince Caroline that she’s destined to be with him? Find out in this steamy bear shifter romance.


Blood Therapy 

by Lynda Hilburn


Bloody, Sexy & Funny . . .

How silly of me to think this would be a blood-free nightmare . . .

Denver psychologist Kismet Knight and the dark world of the vampires are back in this thrilling, sexy sequel to the wicked romp, The Vampire Shrink.

Still reeling from the so-called vampire murders around Halloween, Kismet is trying to adjust to her new otherworldly clients — including ghosts, witches, psychics, and wizards — and her unique relationship with drop-dead gorgeous nightwalker Devereux. She can't deny her attraction to him, but is his intoxicating hold on her a loving embrace or a vice-like grip? And while Devereux has been clear about what he'll do to any immortals who dare to lay a fang on her, Kismet is still being stalked by Lucifer, the obsessed bloodsucker targeting therapists for death. With Kismet scheduled to make a presentation at the American Psychological Association's New York conference, handsome FBI profiler Alan Stevens feels it's too risky to let her go without him. Not only is he concerned that the conference is a psychologist smorgasbord too juicy for Lucifer to pass up, but there is also some unfinished business with Kismet to be settled.

Can Alan – or Devereux – track down the elusive Lucifer, or is Kismet destined to confront him herself?

“A fresh take on the fantasy trope . . . dark, sexy and very human.” – SciFi Now Magazine

“A gripping storyline, intriguing characters, humor, romance, and a great insight into the mind of a psychologist! It will lift your spirits like a tub of Ben & Jerry's” –

“You will want to take the phone off the hook and lock the doors for the entire time it takes you to read from cover to cover. Definitely five stars.” –


Given: Dawnclaw Alphas #1
by Athena Wright

Her scent overwhelmed me. For a split second I forgot about my mission. The girl opened her eyes and a shock blew through my system. My instincts roared to life.

A slow pulse of arousal throbbed between my legs. It had to be the adrenaline. This shifter carried a gun, had killed his way through my clan, was probably going to kill me. It was crazy. I had no idea why I was reacting this way.
All I knew was, *I wanted him*


Emma Edwards

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