Your Wednesday Reading List – 8/30/17

Your Wednesday Reading List – 8/30/17

Moonlit Waltz
Kathleen Collins

Moonlit Waltz (Whispered Tales Book 1) by [Collins, Kathleen]Once upon a time…

In a land of human and lycan alike, there lived a beautiful girl named Ella. She was adored by her family and loved by a prince. But Ella was a shifter which meant she could never bear children and a prince must have heirs. She believed herself resolved to her fate until her father remarried and his new wife brought his non-shifting daughters to live with them.

Josef has loved Ella since he was twelve years old, but he has an obligation to his kingdom that she can never fulfill. Deciding his son has delayed the inevitable long enough, the king gives him three days to name a bride or one will be chosen for him. On the last day Ella stuns them all and suddenly the prince has hope. Will they find their happily ever after with the help of the goddess herself?

A Cinderella Retelling

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The Cries of Vampira
Sean H. Robertson

The Cries Of Vampira: A Novel by [Robertson, Sean H.]You'll enjoy this teen romantic, adventurous & dark EPIC 60,000 word/300+ printed page original vampire vs. werewolf full stand alone novel, inspired by the Twilight and Underworld sagas.

A beautiful & courageous teenage vampire princess sacrifices her life for her true love and her 12th century Scottish homeland: Vampira. Inspired by the Twilight saga.

When twenty-seven year old Alpha werewolf Gaad Grey claims his rule over his werewolf horde, he sets out for revenge against the Vampire royal family that took the lives of his parents, as he looked on in sheer disbelief at the age of ten. Now, hellbent on exacting the sheer horror he felt onto the decendants of the vampiric Robertson clan, Gaad unleashes his merciless fury on seventeen year old vampire triplets Kristin, Kylie and Kolbe, their land of Vampira, as well as upon the defenseless humans that the Vampires protect.

Will Kylie's overtures of peace and reconciliation save the land of Vampira from utter destruction? Will Kolbe mature fast enough to step out of the shadow of his father and become the king he was groomed to be? Will Kristin, the 1st heir to the throne, shed her unbridled arrogance of her talent & skills and choose to die for her kingdom, its people, as well as for her new vampire love, Jolan? Download it now!

Dragon's Baby
Miranda Martin  & Juno Wells

Dragon's Baby (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 1) by [Martin, Miranda, Wells, Juno]Not every alien is an enemy, even if he kidnaps you… 

Calista is happy with her life of scientific research. She doesn't need love, she has her books, her friends, and her work. Things are fine until her ship is attacked by space pirates and crash lands on a desert planet with heat so intense she and her friends can't survive without help.

Ladon is a Zmaj warrior resigned to a life alone, who only desires to protect his treasures. His hopes for a mate faded long ago, yet when he meets Calista something stirs. It takes only one look to know that she belongs to him. He's been alone for so long but she is the ultimate treasure and he will protect her.

Now there's only the small problem of her living long enough to understand.

A devastated planet, a mysterious history, space pirates, and threats environmental and alien beset them on all sides. The sexy Zmaj warrior will have to battle the planet's ultimate threat in an epic effort to obtain the one thing he knows Calista needs to survive.

But will the other humans accept this huge and alien looking dragon warrior? Or will they find him just as big a threat as the rest of the red planet? The future of both their races depends on it.

Alien Dragon's Baby is a full length scifi novel with a happily ever after ending, plenty of steam, bloody battles and alien-human intrigue. It is standalone and co-written by Miranda Martin and one of the hottest science fiction romance authors out there, Juno Wells.


Tall, Dark & Lonely
R.L. Mathewson

Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel Series Book 1) by [Mathewson, R.L.]When the mother that abandoned them years ago suddenly shows up and moves them to New Hampshire, Madison has no choice but to go or lose her family. Shoving her dreams aside yet again, she tries to make a life for her siblings only to discover that nothing is going the way that it should. It's really cold. Her fifteen year old sister acts like a hooker in training. Men act funny around her. Her boss is a real jerk. She feels like an outsider. Her best friend turns out to be a mouthy sixteen year old kid and the incredibly handsome guy renting the room adjoining hers not only hogs the bathroom, taking three showers a day and leaving her with cold water, but he also has a secret. A secret that she becomes a bit obsessed with and can't let go no matter how many times she's warned off.

Detective Ephraim Williams learned long ago not to show any emotion or allow himself to get attached to humans. What was the point? They came and went and he remained. This time wouldn't be any different or so he thought. When his landlady told him that her grandchildren were moving in he didn't expect much, well other than to be left alone. What he didn't expect was to have to fight bloodlust every time he so much as caught the scent of his delectable neighbor's blood or her bombarding him with questions every time she cornered him. If that's not bad enough, a Master from his past has found him once again and is demanding his blood and is willing to do anything to get it, even using the beautiful, irritating, neighbor that makes him feel more than pain for the first time in centuries to get it.


Emma Edwards

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