Your Friday Reading List – 1/1/20

Your Friday Reading List – 1/1/20
Desert Nights (The Complete Series): An Aladdin Retelling
Helena Rookwood
A princess with a secret. A djinni without a past. A love that could save a kingdom…

Zadie is a wild, headstrong princess who dreams of being queen.

And when she’s forced to take her elder sister’s place in a betrothal to the most eligible sultan in the twelve kingdoms, it seems like her wish to rule might come true.

But the handsome Sultan Kassim is far from thrilled by his willful new bride, who is nothing like the quiet, obedient beauty he was promised.

When an ancient blood feud brings war to Astaran, Zadie and Kassim are thrust together to track down the magic lamps they desperately need to face an impossible army.

At the end of it all, will Zadie sacrifice everything to save the man and the kingdom she loves?
Animal Magnetism
Patricia Rosemoor
Detective Isabeau DeClercq moved to Chicago to get justice for her parents’ murders. She found Kindred Nik Lazare’s invitation to The Ark casino—the heart of Chicago’s supernatural underground—near their bodies. Nik’s dark reputation precedes him. Half-Kindred, Half-Powers, Isabeau wants to prove him guilty the human way, to honor her parents. Nik just wants to stay away from Isabeau when Pop orders him to work with her investigating a Kindred kill at the zoo. But soon a meeting of souls that defies logic consumes Isabeau and Nik.
January in Atlantis
Alyssa Day 
She could see only him.

There was no bar, no Noel, no Dark Angels. No Scott, no troubles, no worries.
There was only a searing flash of heat from the raw, primal desire she saw in this man’s eyes when he looked at her.

It was too much—too intense. Suddenly she felt fragile, as if her bones had been hollowed out and replaced with air and light. As if she might float away if this man didn’t stop looking at her.

As if she might collapse in despair if he did.
* * *
A warrior returned
When black sheep Flynn returns to Atlantis after more than a decade away, he discovers that his brothers thought he was dead and moved on with their lives. But before he can wrap his brain around that problem, Poseidon himself taps Flynn to be one of a new generation of elite warriors. Now he only has to: learn how to be part of a team, rescue a group of kidnapped girls from the Hell’s Dark Angels motorcycle gang, and try to understand why a certain redhaired bartender with an affinity for animals is driving him mad…

A woman reborn
Eva Calandar needs to run. Again. Her ex-boyfriend, a black magic practitioner, has tracked her down. Again. But she might be the key to rescuing a group of girls from becoming human sacrifices, and there’s a certain astonishingly hot Atlantean warrior with a fierce protective instinct who is making her think longing thoughts of finally making a stand.

Together, they’re so much stronger than they were apart, but the heat between them may be enough to burn down the world.

No matter what the temperature is in January . . . in Atlantis.

Emma Edwards

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