Your Friday Reading List – 11/27/20

Your Friday Reading List – 11/27/20
The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy: The Complete Series Boxset
Kaydence Snow
All three books in the international bestselling Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, plus over 40k words of exclusive bonus content, in one volume.

When Evelyn Maynard receives a scholarship to the exclusive Bradford Hills Institute, she’s determined to make a fresh start. The Institute is world renowned for educating and training Variants – the 18% of the population fortunate enough to have superhuman abilities. As a human, she’s lucky to be admitted.

She’s done with fake identities, running and lying but once again she finds herself surrounded by secrets.

Some she’s been keeping her whole life.

Some have been kept from her.

Some she finds herself dragged into…

Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec have some of the rarest Variant abilities Evelyn has ever seen. They fascinate, intrigue and attract her, but is it their abilities, their own secrets or something more that Evelyn can’t seem to stay away from? The secrets they keep could drag Evelyn so deep into their dangerous and exciting world that she’ll never be the same.

And the answers she finds could get them all killed.

Variant Lost (Book One)
Vital Found (Book Two)
Vivid Avowed (Book Three)
PLUS 13 bonus scenes, most never before seen, and including character POVs, deleted scenes, and bonus content.
Shifter Diaries: Life Fated
E Hall
Dear Diary, I’ve fallen in love with the wolf shifter hunting me. Love, Kenna
For graduation, my mom sends me on a trip to Concordia—a European country I’ve never heard of. Apparently, my father lives there…along with werewolves, vampires, and other monsters. Yes, it’s terrifying, but it turns out I’m not that much different. Exactly what I am is another question entirely. What I do know is that I’ve fallen for the leader of the wolf shifter pack. Too bad he hates me.

Corbin is a guardian of the former monsters in Concordia. When the Klave, a fringe group, threatens to break the magical bonds that keep humans safe from them, it’s up to him to stop the sinister plot. The only problem is, he needs my help. However, I’m his fated mate. If he falls in love, he loses his position. The only solution is to hunt me down or risk losing all he’s worked hard to create for his pack.

It’s not safe for Kenna, but with the discovery of her power and connection to Corbin, the world isn’t safe from her.

This is book 1 of 4 in the Sweet Paranormal Wolf & Fae Fantasy Romance Series. It’s romantic fantasy perfect for readers on Team Jacob and fans of K.M. Shea, Stephanie Meyer, and Emma Wolfe. This slow burn, fated mates, enemies to lovers romance hits the swoony spots and takes the characters beyond their borders on a quest to save the world from monsters, including themselves.
Chains of Frost 
TA Gray
When a will from her dead father decrees spunky succubus Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any succubus would do and casts a spell. But when that spell accidentally summons an ancient demon to kill her and her sisters, she knows only one place can keep her safe–Tyrian’s castle of death set in the frigid icy snows of Northern Europe. Chloe thought she’d despise Tyrian, but instead she feels a rapidly blossoming tender for him. From the scar running along his cheek, to the bitter chill in his gaze, something about Tyrian makes Chloe want to keep him close until she could learn his true colors.

Leader of the Atal Warriors, Tyrian en Kulev always pays his debts. So, he resigns himself to what should be an elementary task. All he has to do is keep Chloe alive, then, debt paid. But the incredibly enticing succubus comes to him with a deadly demon trying to kill her and an alluringly upbeat attitude that invades his thoughts and soon his heart, whether he likes it or not.

Emma Edwards

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