Your Friday Reading List – 12/27/19

Your Friday Reading List – 12/27/19
Teacher’s Pet Wolf
 Kati Wilde 
This sexy alpha intends to teach his mate a few lessons about local wildlife…
Alicia Simmons rarely lets anyone get too close. So crushing on a hot wildlife expert via videochats in her classroom is completely safe. The long-distance flirtation means no expectations—and no expectations means no disappointment…or hurt. And when Ranger tells her he’s visiting her neck of the woods, spending a few days—and nights—with him doesn’t sound too dangerous, either. Sure, when the fling is over, she’ll have to pick up the pieces of her heart. But at least he’ll be safe from the beast inside her.
Except Travis Ranger isn’t coming for a fling. He’s coming for Alicia. And he’s got a lot to show the shy science teacher…starting with a lesson about what happens when a wolf finally gets his claws on the woman he’s waited far too long to claim. And no matter how hard she tries to push him away, he’s never going to let her go.
Because Alicia thinks she’s a beast? His shy little teacher hasn’t seen anything yet…
Twilight Guardians
Maggie Shayne
They tell 20-year-old Charlie O’Malley that they have a cure for the rare blood condition that will eventually kill her–an untested, experimental cure. All they want in return is for her to join their elite team and train to kill the Undead.

She takes the deal because it will make her stronger than ordinary humans, strong enough to kill the vampire who took her blood, used her body and murdered her mother. The vampire who lied when he said he loved her.

Killion is sure he’s the last of his kind, destined to walk in endless solitude, endless night. Charlie is a spark of light in his eternal darkness. His desire for her is powerful and impossible to resist, and he’ll destroy anything that stands between them.

Even though it will probably get him killed.

Ancient vampire elders Rhiannon and Roland come out of exile, risking their lives to help a furious, raging girl fulfill her destiny as a savior of their kind. But before the tale ends, their lives will be forever changed.
Bonded to the Dragon
Laxmi Hariharan
“Primal, sexy and so very satisfying! Sizzles from page one with toe curling and tummy tingling heat!” -InD’tale Magazine, Crowned Star of Excellence

2019 Best Paranormal Romance RONE Awards Nominee

Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. She is MINE…


Hope was MINE from the moment I saw her.
One hundred percent lush female.
The more I learn about her, the more I crave her.
The more she turns me away, the more I must have her.
She fills my every waking thought, permeates my every dream.
She reaches parts of me that no one else can…
I will not let anything happen to her.
Even if it means taking on the deadliest threat to the dragons.
Even if it means annihilating myself.
I will do anything to protect her.
She is mine.


Are you ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, with an intense, brooding, warrior and a fiery woman who is more than a match for her fated mate?

Then, scroll up and one click on this super steamy, action packed, dragon shifter paranormal romance. Very satisfying HEA guaranteed!

“Drop-dead sexy, a smoking hot favorite for fans of paranormal romance.” –

Emma Edwards

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