Your Friday Reading List – 3/12/20

Your Friday Reading List – 3/12/20
The Music Demon
Victoria Danann
ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE #1 Bestseller Time Travel Romance.

The first time Lyric heard Shivaun’s name he knew he’d kidnapped the wrong O’Malley twin. The first time Shivaun saw Lyric, she wished he’d taken her instead of her sister.

“Demons old and new, a fabulous rock n roll adventure!” – All Author

The epic saga of Black Swan and all the lives it touches, human and otherwise, continues. The demon, Lyric, juggles his urgent courtship of a Black Swan hunter while correcting an error of fate and re-homing a sixties rocker in the right time and place.

Meanwhile, Black Swan is discovering that the creation of demons, accidental or otherwise, may interfere with the natural order of things in disastrous ways. Particularly when those demons are female! From Hunter’s Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotia in present times to the Monterey Music Festival of 1967, this tale weaves a time travel adventure that will have you wishing you could catch the eye of a music demon and be part of the Summer of Love.

“This took my heart and twisted it up! Such a story I have never read!” – Rebecca

“I am officially in love with a demon!” – S. Patton

“Had me laughing and wishing I could travel back in time.” – Bobbi

“Danann can spin a tail in so many directions and have them all flow as one.” – T. Kelley
Oops, I Ate the First Impression Rose
Cyndi Faria
Vampire Isla Pierce gave up on finding love. That was until she met Sky Herveaux who awoke feelings she hadn't allowed in a century. But, if the Our Bachelor limo ride to hell was any indication of what it takes to woo Sky, she expects he'll send her home the very first night, even if she has a personal connection with the guarded leading man. Every girl she meets is even more beautiful than the last, and each smells delicious–and she's not talking about their perfume.
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Thin Ice
Ava Gray
As a dragon shifter, Cade is not used to taking no for an answer. He knows what he wants, and his eyes are set on Nicolette… a beautiful girl whose life is in danger.

Nicolette’s job as a prominent jeweler was to protect the sacred piece of jewelry that she was left in charge of. Her promotion is put into jeopardy after it goes missing, but she has an idea about who the culprit might be.

Cade, member of the gang Cryogenik’s, was a regular visitor to the store. Nicolette wishes that he’s not the one responsible for the theft. His eyes melt her, burn her insides, and she doesn’t even know why.

The real culprit, however, is not him. His rival gang, Inf3rno’s is the one responsible for turning Nicolette’s life upside down.

But if only this problem ended with a missing key that the two gangs would have a war over… Nicollete might lose more than just her promotion, and the only one who can save her is Cade. The man with secrets, and the one she’s tried so hard to run away from. Is it time for her to stop running and finally accept her destiny?

Emma Edwards

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