Your Friday Reading List – 6/14/19

Your Friday Reading List – 6/14/19
DM Wolfenden
Doyle Cerberus has never loved anyone, but a chance encounter with a beautiful woman sets his cold dead heart on fire. He can’t help but watch her every move.

Lana Whitlock’s happiness is ripped away from her when a violent attack proves fatal for her girlfriend, Francine, as they celebrate their engagement.

Doyle, not your average hero, steps in to save Lana, but this blood-thirsty vampire with his own agenda is no ordinary saviour.
Regardless, Lana will never surrender to his whims. Not when vengeance is all she craves.

Will Lana’s nightmare ever end, now she is UNDEAD…

Dragon Scarred
Kellie McAllen
No one believed me, but I know what I saw. Before he disappeared, my brother turned into a dragon.

They call me crazy, say I’m lost in a fantasy world. Maybe I’m a little obsessed. I’ve spent my entire life searching for answers, but the truth is bigger than I ever imagined.

Dragons are real, and so are all the other creatures you only hear about in legends. I’ve found where they hide.

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to the fire-breathing monster who saved my life. The answer might be more than I can handle.

In my quest to uncover the truth, have I put us all at risk?

The Merman’s Kiss
Tamsin Ley

A sexy, sleek-tailed monster.

Zantu has evaded the mate-bond for thirty-five years, dodging promiscuous mermaids with vile intents. Unlike mermaids, mermen bond for life, and Zantu refuses to accept the heartbreak most mermen die of. That is, until the glint of gold catches his eye, and a simple salvage mission turns to passion. Now he’s bonded to a human.

A woman looking for a reason to live.

Briana thinks her life is over after the loss of her child. Instead, she falls into the arms of a merman who is anything but cold-blooded. He’s wild, seductive, and sets her blood on fire every time he touches her, and soon she begins to need him for more than his magic to breathe underwater. He might just give her a new purpose.

But as dangers encroach from every side, Zantu must choose; keep his new mate at his side or keep her safe.

Either way, he’s sure he’ll end up with a broken heart.

Emma Edwards

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