Your Friday Reading List – 8/30/19

Your Friday Reading List – 8/30/19
Quicksilver Dragon
Zoe Chant 
They don’t know the first thing about being dragons. But they need to learn fast…

City planner Lindsay never expected to find a dying dragon on her local beach. (She was just trying to pick up some litter!) And she really never expected its final breath to change her life forever… and make her a killer’s next target.

But it’s the best thing to ever happen to her. Because despite this dangerous new world, she’s no longer alone…

One minute, artist Boone could just cross his fingers and hope the curvy, funny woman he met on the beach could be the start of something special. But one magical dragon breath later, he KNOWS she is. And he knows he’ll protect her with every skill he learned as a soldier—and with all his newfound powers. (Whatever those might be. He’s working on it.)

When the dragon’s dying wish transforms Boone and Lindsay into shifters, they’re plunged into a magical world neither ever suspected existed. With a powerful dragon-hunter hot on their tails, time is running out for them to figure out their new gifts… and their unexpected bond.

A dragon prophecy says they could end a centuries-old supernatural war. But what if saving the world means losing each other?

Quicksilver Dragon is a standalone dragon shifter romance full of passion and adventure. No cliffhangers!
Lancelot's Lilly
Helen Allan
He stole her life, her memories and her heart.
Lilly was doing just fine until a vampire kidnapped her.

He says he doesn’t know why.

But as enemies close in and the mystery surrounding her brooding captor deepens, Lilly realises there is only one way to find out.

Journeying across time to medieval England– she must do what she can to unravel the mystery that binds her to this handsome vampire and the magic that stole his memories.

From the jousting fields to the castle bedroom, she will search for the one known as Lancelot.

Will she find her knight and return his memories?

Or will she face the ultimate death in the quest for something that was never meant to be?
Wake's Claim
Michelle Dare
Wake had lived in fear for far too long. Life hadn’t been easy for him. Every day he resisted his natural instincts to claim the one female meant for him. An event from his past stopped him in his tracks every time his primal urges pushed him toward her. 

Paige accepted the role she played in Wake’s life. She was the one he wanted but never allowed himself to have. But when someone else showed interest in her, Wake had to decide once and for all. 

Putting his heart on the line left the shifter vulnerable, something he never wanted to be again. And just when he gave in to his instincts, fate dealt the pair a cruel hand.

Nightmares came true, causing Paige to flee to the only place she felt safe—in the arms of Wake. 

Pack life wasn’t an easy life, but Paige wouldn’t give up the man who held her heart. Only together could the two move forward and find the happiness they both deserved.

Emma Edwards

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