Your Monday Reading List – 10/7/19

Your Monday Reading List – 10/7/19
Death Knocks
Miranda Hardy
Maverick Ash never expected death to literally come knocking at the door, but it does, and he has no way to stop it.

It’s Maverick’s senior year. He’s no longer stuck in the “friend zone” with the girl of his dreams. He’s looking forward to college and being on his own. And he plans to have a blast along the way. One knock at the door changes everything and thrusts Maverick into a world he never knew existed.

The Black-Eyed Kids don’t demand money…

… they want much more than that, they want his life.

Maverick needs answers, and to get them, he must join forces with the very creature who took away all that he cared about. But a mysterious party will do what it takes to keep their secrets hidden.

Now he must race to expose the truth or face a fate far worse than death itself.

Fans of Stranger Things and Supernatural will love Death Knocks.
The Seraph's Fate (The Rule of Three Book 1)
Adom Sample
Cast out of paradise for manipulating the human heart, Sylas Diya—the Seraph of love and desire would seek his expiation among the very mortals he influenced to his will. He would use his power to shape the world around him and further manipulate the hearts of mortals to create his own paradise on Earth.

But soon, all that would change. The moment he laid eyes on her—Anaya Myers, a lonely loveless college student who sought no companionship from any man who’d beckon, called to him. Sylas saw in her the ultimate challenge. He would use all the powers at his disposal to open her heart. Success meant rejoining the Rule of Three. However, the passion he’d develop for her would prove to be his undoing. Anaya was not who she seemed. The hidden power within her would bend all of existence.

The rules were not set, and their reality was not what it seemed. He would choose to walk this path, nonetheless—for her sake and his own.
The Tin Rose
Anne Renwick
A gypsy's promise. A clockwork poison. A race to save a love balanced on the edge.

On the night they were to elope, a spurned lover returned. A gift, she claimed. But the clockwork contraption unwound a poisonous bloom, sending Lady Emily and Luca, her gypsy love, on a desperate race to reach the cure.

Emma Edwards

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