Your Monday Reading List – 11/30/20

Your Monday Reading List – 11/30/20
Her Detective Dragon
Alice C. Summerfield
Everyone knows that lone dragons don’t have perfect mates. Storm dragon Grissom Hale had long ago resigned himself to a lonely life. But when he stops to rescue a beautiful woman from a long walk down a lonely stretch of road during a terrible storm, he finds the woman that he was made for: his soul mate.

She’s the treasure that he wants most to protect, but can a human even feel a dragon’s mating bond?

Latina Ana Alves meets Grissom on the worst day of her life, while walking home from the worst date of her life. Detective Grissom Hale is handsome, kind, and shockingly rich. He might be too good to be true. But when Ana’s luck turns from bad to worse, Grissom Hale is the only thing standing between her and an unfortunate end…

Her Detective Dragon is a complete, standalone novel containing a steamy romance between a Latina barista, who finds herself in over her head, and the storm dragon that would do anything to protect her.

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Never Call Me Vampire
Tamara Grantham
The world calls him vampire.
I know him as someone else. He’s a fellow patient of Crimson Hollow—a former sanitarium—a facility for those infected with the vampire virus. He’s lived for more than a-century-and-a-half. During his lifetime, he’s gone by different names. Circus freak. Vagabond. Prisoner. Murderer. Now, he’s considered the world’s most famous person, but his life is one of suffering. He receives blood transfusions to stay conscious, and he rarely leaves the facility. He’ll never be free. Except in death.
And that was what he wanted…until I arrived. I needed him to help me find a cure. I wasn’t planning to fall in love.
But he knows too much about my secret. And I’ve learned too much about his past.
Dark forces want to use us both to unleash a serum that will spell doom for the entire world. But to save the world—we must sacrifice ourselves.
The world calls him vampire. But only he knows his true nature.
And we may never be prepared to accept it.
Something Chosen
Alex Owens
Death isn't always the end… sometimes it's only the beginning.

Claire's trapped in a dead-end marriage, strapped for cash and getting desperate. Her chance at freedom comes in the form of a music con in Florida. Her mission? Win over a few big clients and collect a fat bonus check. It should have been easy, but Claire didn't count on a bewitched violin, its sultry Italian owner, Bette, or her dark and dangerous companions.

Unfortunately, life isn't all song lyrics and seduction. Tied to darkness by blood and power, Claire must harness her abilities if she has any hope of surviving this business trip from hell.

Emma Edwards

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