Your Monday Reading List – 2/10/20

Your Monday Reading List – 2/10/20
Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts: Paranormal-Contemporary-Fantasy-Historical
Over 30+ pulse-racing shorts to capture your heart with USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Award-winning authors in the mix.

Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Historical Romance that will whet your appetite with titillating, heart-pounding tales you’ll want to read again then beg for more.

Fall in love with your next book crush!
A Vampire Bewitched
L.E. Wilson
This book was previously published with a different cover and the title “Blood Hunger”.

A vampire needs his mate to survive, but can he protect her from the most dangerous threat of all?

Nikulas Kreek has been searching for his brother for seven long years. Now, with the first lead he's had in a long time, he discovers a witch went missing a few weeks before it happened. Coincidence? No way. Even better, the witch has a sister who might have more information. And that sister is hot. Like model hot. Nikulas knows as soon as he sets eyes on her strawberry-blond head he should stay far away. But the moment he tastes her, he realizes it's too late. She has bewitched him.

Emma Moss still has nightmares about the night her sister was kidnapped, but she refuses to give up hope. So, when a seductive stranger calls claiming to have a new lead, she doesn't hesitate to meet him. He seems harmless enough with his teasing manner and Hollywood pretty-boy looks. However, she can sense something more—a predatory air of danger that should warn her away. But her sister's life is at stake. And she has no other leads. So, she agrees to go with him.

Bound together by their shared cause, tormented by their fated attraction, they set out to hunt down their siblings.
Werewolves of New York Book 1
Faleena Hopkins
Four werewolves living in secret as architects in New York City.

They use their powers for good, to take down evil whenever they find it.

Aggression needs an outlet. The wolf has to roam.

But when Nathaniel catches a woman about to be raped,

His heroics are a tad much…and now their secret is in danger.

Sure, she's safe, but…

Is the human female worth them losing everything?

Emma Edwards

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