Your Monday Reading List – 4/15/19

Your Monday Reading List – 4/15/19

Vampire by Blood
Cyndi Faria

Vampire by Blood (Faeted Vampire Series) by [Faria, Cyndi]Necromancy isn’t pretty and Vampires aren’t exactly dead.

USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria, introduces Vampire by Blood, book one of her new Faeted Vampire series…

When a deceased witch informs Tricia McIntyre she’s a fae princess who’s being hunted by an ancient vampire, she turns to her best friend Sergeant Riley Sweetwater. Problem is, he’s buried in the town cemetery, and she hates him for dying on her. Until she uncovers his secret.

Tricia and Riley were never meant to cross paths after he went dark. Especially since he’s experiencing some kind of immortal transition of his own. But they do, and she’s hunting the same vamp responsible for killing his squad.

Forced together, Tricia’s trying not to kill Riley with her uncontrolled Fae powers, while he’s struggling not to drink her dry. As they must battle their love-hate-lust relationship, they search for the one who holds the secrets to saving humankind before a dark supernatural destroys them all.

Sold to the Pack
JS Moore

Sold to the Pack: Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Wolves of Avalon Book 1) by [Moore, J.S.] White. Sassy. Bold. Leader of a wolf pack?

When you’re born a shifter, the world is your oyster. Except if you’re Nella White.

Nella’s everything a shifter’s not supposed to be: she’s sassy, loud, and tripping over not one, but both her feet. Whoever heard of a clumsy wolf?

But Nella’s destined to lead a different fate because when she transforms, the fated white wolf emerges. And this particular white queen is destined to lead a pack of five mysterious, gorgeous alpha wolves: Hurt, Mystic, Power, Stalk, and Thrash.

Together, the five and their one will lead the world of Avalon past the Chaos, past the Doom, and into the Garden of Ellyria.

Note to my readers: Join Nella on her journey into the realm of Avalon, where wolves become men, and men become animals. Our heroine is a sassy, vibrant shifter who discovers identities she never knew she had, including a fated blood-line and a regal, mysterious past. There are cliffhangers in this series.

Dominion: The Dominion Series Book 1
S. E. Lund

Dominion (The Dominion Series Book 1) by [Lund, S. E.]

Eve Hayden had no idea what to expect the night she went in search of a translator for an 800-year old French illuminated manuscript but it certainly wasn’t what she found — Michel and Julien de Cernay: 800-year old identical twin vampire brothers – beautiful, temperamental opposites, both wanting her for themselves.

Michel — dark, brooding, control-freak, former priest who broke his vows the night he was turned into a vampire. Julien — impetuous, valiant, passionate, a brave knight who lost his life on a battlefield when a vampire claimed him.

Caught between the two brothers, Eve searches for the truth about her mother's death, her birth, and the fight to prevent Dominion – vampire rule over humans. Eve's mother gave her life to keep Eve safe, but was unable to protect herself. Now, Eve can't escape this fate nor can she escape the twins — even if she wanted to.

This is her story.

Note: Intended for 18+ for mature content.

Emma Edwards

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