Your Monday Reading List – 7/1/19

Your Monday Reading List – 7/1/19
Alaskan Magic
CC Dragon
Paranormal kids begin disappearing at higher rates, and the only people who can save them are at odds.

FBI Special Agent and Half-Fae Dot Foster keeps tabs on magical cases, but even with everything she’s seen over the years, her most recent case has her stumped.

The only thing Dot can tell for certain is that dark forces are behind it. Dot drags a former agent onto the case for help.

Mason is smart, hot, magical. The duo doesn’t agree on anything except the case. If they can’t trust each other, their stubbornness may cost both of their lives.

Awaken At Twilight
(A Vampire Anthology)
Eight dark fantasy vampire stories to sink your teeth into.

1) Soul Rebel – C.J. Pinard
2) Deadly Beauties – C.M. Owens
3) Crush – Chrissy Peebles
4) Blood & Wings – J & L Wells
5) Wicked – Kristen Middleton
6) Courage Runs Red – W.J. May
7) Blair (Daughter’s of Darkness) Chrissy Peebles
8) Victoria (Daughter’s of Darkness) W.J. May

Soul Rebel – A vampire took his soul. He wants it back…
Blood’s Fury – The deadliest things in life are often the most beautiful… until they strike.
Crush – His precious touch could prove deadly…
Blood & Wings – A story of love, loss, and betrayal.
Wicked – Never talk to strangers…
Courage Runs Red – What if courage was your only option?
Daughter of Darkness – Blair – What happens when you’re forced to go on the run and hide from your own sister?
Daughter of Darkness – Victoria – Only death can stop this vampire hunter from collecting a bounty…

Michael’s Soul Mate
Lorelei Moone
Some vampires have trouble figuring out how to spend eternity.
Dead sexy playboy Michael Odell thinks he knows exactly what he wants. Fine wines and beautiful women fuel his passion and he’s made it his mission to sample as many of either as he can.

He’s on his way home one night when he discovers a woman lying discarded in the street. She’s quickly losing the fight to live. There’s only one way of saving her: the Ritual. This little act of mercy is going to change his afterlife forever… He couldn’t possibly be falling for the curvy stranger fate put in his path, could he?

Dying is easy. Immortality, not so much.
Anna doesn’t know how she ended up in that dark alley, knocking on death’s door. She doesn’t even remember her last name. After coming face-to-face with her gorgeous rescuer, she passes out again and finds herself in a lavish mansion with a new lease on eternal life.

Who – or more importantly, what – is she now? And who was trying to kill her and why? Anna is determined to figure it all out for herself. But before her questions are answered, she has to learn that even in this new immortal existence, it’s good to have friends – and perhaps a lover – by your side.

Can Anna accept this new reality and join the dark world of the Vampires of London?
Could you?

All books in the Vampires of London series are standalone and can be read out of order. If you’d like to start at the beginning, though, please check out Alexander’s Blood Bride.

Emma Edwards

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