Your Monday Reading List – 7/8/19

Your Monday Reading List – 7/8/19
Wolf’s Bane
Tolden Rhys
Twin brothers Jake and Casey Rustin, littermates of a shape-shifting family of wolves, have never gotten along. Casey is a laid back surf bum/jewel thief and Jake finds himself always cleaning up the mess when his brother gets in trouble. 

But when Jake falls for a New Orleans bar owner Aubrey Brighton and Casey finds himself attracted to Chandra Crofter, a beautiful doctor visiting from India, the brothers are suddenly thrust into the middle of a conspiracy to open the gates of hell. 

Each woman is an unwitting linchpin in the plot of a clutch of vampires to free their deity, the Hindu death goddess, Kali, from her captivity in hell. According to legend, Chandra is the lock and Aubrey is the key that keeps the angry goddess from unleashing destruction on humankind. For one woman to live, the other must die. 

No one knows which brother is fated to lose the only woman he can ever love. But if Jake and Casey can put aside their petty differences and work together they might just be able to save the world and both their chances at the love of a lifetime.
Blood Song: Prelude
Charli B. Rose
His blood sings for hers.
Musical genius. Bloodthirsty monster. I was both, sometimes one more than the other. The bloodthirst was my curse. Songwriting was my joy. I hated what I was, so I shut myself away from the world and embraced darkness. It worked fine for nearly a hundred years. But it seemed the world was no longer content to let me be a recluse selling my songs from the shadows. They demanded I step into the light and join the land of the living. 
College student. Orphan. I was one, then the other. Tragedy snatched everything from me and left me with so many questions. So, I devised a dangerous plan to sell the only thing of value I had left, myself, to a vampire. All in order to uncover the truth. I was leaving one nightmare for another to overcome my misfortune. 
Can a monster turn into her dream come true? Can a mere girl inspire new melodies for a world-renowned lyricist?
Kissed by Fire
Kimber White
A dragon shifter on the verge of death. A woman being hunted by wolves. The oath he swears to protect her may be his last.
Xander Brandhart is running out of time. He and his brothers are the only dragon shifters left alive, but if the billionaire Xander doesn’t find a mate soon, his last shift will be permanent. As he looks for a magic stone to prolong his three-hundred-year life, he can feel himself starting to lose control. When he meets a feisty, beautiful redhead, it’s love at first sight, but his heart sinks as he realizes no human has ever survived mating with a dragon…
Shae MacKenna lived alone on the streets of Chicago until the age of 13. It wasn’t until an eccentric old mage took her in that she could trust another living soul. But shortly after her 21st birthday when a pack of feral wolf shifters kills her guardian, she’d almost rather be the next victim than go it alone all over again. Thankfully, an actual living dragon bursts in to save her life. When Xander swears an oath to protect her, she reluctantly joins the billionaire in his penthouse suite.
As the pack of wolf shifters continues to stalk her, Shae feels herself falling for her protector. To fulfill his bond and his growing attraction toward her, Xander may need to sacrifice his life to save the woman he loves.
Kissed By Fire is a captivating standalone paranormal romance novel featuring billionaire dragon shifters. If you like sizzling chemistry, happily ever afters, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Kimber White’s passionate, action-packed story.

Emma Edwards

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