Your Monday Reading List – 8/19/19

Your Monday Reading List – 8/19/19
Rock-A_Bye Baby (The Sand Maiden Book One)
L. R. W. Lee
In this gods-versus-mortals fairytale retelling, only sand maiden Alissandra can save the human realm from her father.

Dreamweaver Alissandra’s father, the god of dreams, plans to exploit her human dream charge in a quest to conquer Wake realm. If he gets his way, humans would exist only to do his bidding. 

But if Alissandra tries to stop him, she’ll be forced to flee Dream realm…a move that would make her mortal and might even kill her. 

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elise Kova, and Amanda Bouchet will love this emotionally driven, addictive paranormal romance series by award-winning author L. R. W. Lee.
Creatures of Myth, Volume 1 (Books 1-4) Dark Paranormal Romance (Vampires, Shifters, Druid Mages, and Dragons)
Ravyn Wilde
Meet kick-ass heroines and heroes to die for—and then fall in love with something Wilde…
In Creatures of Myth – the women can save themselves. The heroine finds a soul mate–even if she isn’t looking for one! And the magic is real. Each book offers a happily-ever-after love story and includes a plot with a little thrill of horror and madness. All of the books are hot, some are scorching, and very often the heat is magical.

Every book in this series has a true ending, and yet the overall world of supernatural creatures is revealed as the larger story unfolds. The Creatures of Myth are vampires, shifters of all types, magic users, and more. Many characters in this series appear in several books, allowing you to follow old friends. The order for the books refers to a timeline of events.

Included in the 750 page Creatures of Myth, Volume 1 Box set:

Let Them Eat Cake, Book 1
One night. One body. Vampire Marie Antoinette discovers a legendary monster she can’t kill—and a fated love she might die for…

Written in the Ruby, Book 2
An ancient ruby once owned by Catherine the Great, mystically binds Zane and Nicole together in ways neither wanted nor imagined.

Magic & Myth, Book 3
This Creatures of Myth story collection includes: Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic, and Unholy Magic. The De’Angel family are Druid Mages. They are intensely powerful, magically erotic, and several centuries old. They keep the human world safe and the paranormal world hidden.

Supernatural Speed Dating, Book 4
Natasha’s mother and witchy-best friend think she needs a social life, so they’re forcing her to attend the Supernatural Speed Dating event. She doesn’t have time for this crap. How do you save the world and explore the fragile—well—passionate beginnings of a new romance?

Come play with the Creatures of Myth—and fall in love with something a little Wilde!
His to Protect
Elena Aitken 
Every Shifter has a mate. She’s his. Now all he has to do is convince her that what they have between them is more than lust—much more.
When Harper’s life begins a death spiral, she does what any self respecting woman would do—she heads for the mountains. More specifically, Grizzly Ridge. A brand new—and very remote—lodge in the wilds of Montana where the last thing she expects to find is a very alpha, very sexy mountain man who’s more than a little wild himself and doesn’t waste any time reigniting feelings in her she’d long since buried.
From the moment he lays eyes on her, Axel knows the curvy brunette is more than just a guest at his lodge. Much more. Every bear shifter has a mate. She’s his. And whether his brothers believe in fated mates or not, nothing will keep Axel from what’s his. But first he’ll need to convince Harper that what she’s feeling is more than lust. It’s fate.

Emma Edwards

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